“JPMorgan Chase acquires troubled First Republic bank, ending banking crisis”

The establishment was under strong pressure since the close failures of two establishments with a similar profile in early March, Silicon Valley Bank and Signature. The American authorities took control of the First Republic bank on Monday and sold the vast majority of it to JPMorgan Chase, hoping to close the episode of banking crisis […]

“Postal 2 20th Anniversary Update: New Content, Fixes, and Classic Mode”

The infamous shooter Postal 2 celebrates 20 years. Many call the game the worst in the world, while another section adores it. The other group is happy now. The Running With Scissors studio prepared big annual updatewhich not only contains many fixes, but also restores previously removed elements and adds completely new content. The 20th […]

“Every Day Evening: A Bizarre Tale About Old Age and Eternal Love”

Director: Felix Tissi Actor: Vilmar Bieri, Julia Brendler, Bodo Krumwiede, and Marcus Schäfer Genres: Black comedy Start date: 13.04.2023 Long: 80 minutes Age rating: from 16 years Language versions: Deutsch A bizarre tale about old age. She looks for meaning in nonsense and finds a topsy-turvy world: Irma and Henri are living the big dream […]