Chris Brown throws big birthday party, police step in

Very few barrier gestures for Chris Brown. The rapper celebrated his 32th birthday on May 5 by organizing a huge party at his home in San Fernando (California). At 2 a.m., Los Angeles police intervened and discovered “between 300 and 500 vehicles” parked “in the district”.

The crowd was dispersed without incident and no one was arrested, specify the police as reported by the American channel NBC. The representative of Chris Brown did not wish to react to the event. But the rapper posted a video of the police intervention on his Instagram account on May 7. We see a helicopter to arrive, a sign that the party must end as soon as possible. “Chris Brown’s evening went wrong haha “, we can read in caption of the video. The rapper for his part simply wrote:” Successful mission “.

And in his story on Instagram, we can see dozens and dozens of people glued to each other during the evening. It is difficult to verify whether some people are wearing protective masks. Police have not said whether Chris Brown will be fined.

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Colombian voices protest from the streets of New York

Through songs, turned into voices of solidarity, the Colombian community in New York reacted after the deaths of protesters in the protests in Colombia.

“The situation in my country is complicated, but with force with what characterizes us, we are going to move forward from this,” explains one of the people present at the march.

And it is that there are already several days of protests in the South American country after its president, Ivan Duque, tried to carry out a tax reform. More than two dozen deaths have been reported among protesters.

For this reason, even elected leaders in New York joined the march in Queens: “I am very sad to see how the government is using greater forces against the people who are demonstrating passively. However, I am very proud of to see so many neighbors come out today, yesterday, making us listen, “said state senator Jéssica Rmos.

The march began on 93rd Street and 34th Avenue and several families participated in the protest peacefully: “We are all here and united by one voice, let’s hope this reaches our country,” said an assistant.

Later, the protesters arrived at Trevis Park where, at the beginning, there were moments of silence and solemnity.

In the family march there was also music and cultural expressions to support Colombia.

But despite the artistic expressions here they were clear, this is not a celebration but a cultural sample of the pain and solemnity of the Colombian people: “Sadness, strengthens, pride, a little of everything because everything is happening at this moment”, I leave an assistant.

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Turkey continues to cut off the Euphrates water, thirst threatens the people – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

The Turkish state continues to withhold Syria’s water share in the Euphrates, since January 27 this year, while pumping very small amounts of no more than 200 cubic meters per second.

This has caused the water to recede, a significant decrease in its level in the course of the river and a significant decrease in the level of the lakes and dams built in its course to more than 5 vertical meters.

The agreement between Turkey, Syria and Iraq in 1987 stipulates that Turkey must pump water from the Euphrates into Syrian territories at an amount of 500 cubic meters per second, and the Iraqi share is 60% of that amount.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) has warned of a humanitarian catastrophe in an area that includes more than 5 million people who depend on the Euphrates River for their production of drinking water, irrigation and electricity.

Muhammad Tarboush from the Syrian North and East Dam Administration said during an earlier statement to the ANHA agency: “We are facing a real catastrophe with regard to drinking water because the low level of the river has led to the contamination of the water. , which can lead to dangerous diseases such as cholera, which is common in summer, and most major cities in northern and eastern Syria depend on the Euphrates River for drinking water. “

More than 30 stations are out of service and others are operating at half capacity.

In the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor

More than 10 water treatment plants are out of service and more than 226,000 people lack drinking water.

“Hajin’s main water plant, which operates with a production capacity of 160 cubic meters per hour, with a branch network of more than 20 km, has been out of service, while 80,000 people depend on this station to supply themselves. of water”.

The Al-Susah water plant operates with a capacity of 160 cubic meters per hour and a length of its network of 8 km was also taken out of service and deprived 45,000 people of drinking water.

The Abu Al-Hassan plant operates with a capacity of 160 cubic meters per hour and 25 km of network and feeds 25,000 people.

The Al-Sha`fa water station, which operates with a production capacity of 160 cubic meters per hour and the network is 30 km long, feeds 20,000 people.

The Al Kashmah water station, which operates with a production capacity of 160 cubic meters per hour and has a network length of 30 km, feeds 23,000 people.

The Al-Bu Badran water station, with a capacity of 160 cubic meters and a 15 km network, feeds 18,000 people.

The Al Safafna water station, which operates with a production capacity of 160 cubic meters and the length of the network is 10 km, feeds 15,000 people.

Al-Raqqa region

There are 36 water stations, most of which are out of service, and the others are threatened with shutting down if the water level continues to drop. Some 200,000 people are deprived of drinking water.

On the western line, Hawa al-Hawa stations are completely out of service, while Hawija Faraj, al-Yamamah farm and al-Salhabiyya al-Sharqiya station are operating at half capacity, threatening to be shut out. service if the water level drops further.

In the northern countryside, the two stations of Al-Hashem and Al-Maslakh, which are located in the northeast of the city, are operating at half capacity after lengthening the canals and installing connections for the pumps to be able to supply water from further afield.

In the southern countryside, Al-Uqirishi Station is completely out of service.

In the eastern countryside, the Al Karama station is also operating at half capacity, while a new station is completely out of service.

The Al-Shaher station is 70% out of service, while the Al-Rayyash station, which operates on the Al-Hos line, is only 55% operational.

The reason for the continued operation of some stations is due to the fact that the station management has taken some measures to supply water to the people by running long connections to water pumps and obtaining water from places further away than what was being drawn from. they. This must have been done by the decomposition of the water.

The situation is no different in the Tabqa region

Seven water stations have been completely out of service, threatening the lives of more than 114,000 people and depriving them of drinking water.

According to information reported by the Tabqa Region Municipalities Committee, Tawi station and Shams al-Din station, serving the sub-districts of Al-Jarniya, Tal Othman, Shams al-Din and the villages affiliated to she, which exceeds 90 villages and irrigates almost 49,000 people, is permanently out of service.

Meanwhile, the Jaabar station, which serves the towns of Jaabar and Al-Mahmoudli, and has 20,000 people, has also completely stopped working.

The Ayed station, which serves Ayed neighborhoods, chalets and the radio station in the west of the city of Tabqa and serves 15,000 people, has been taken out of service.

The Al-Karain station, which serves Al-Kreen, Abu Hurairah, Al-Musharafa, and provides 5,000 people with water, is out of service.

The excavator station, which is considered a support line to the city and pumps 560 cubic meters per hour, is out of service.

The Sahel station, which serves the Sahel, Abu Qabei, Al Barouda and Al Bou Rajab, and supplies some 15,000 people, has also stopped operating.

Meanwhile, the Albu Assi station is partially operational, serving 10,000 people and pumping water to the villages of Rjm al-Ghazal – Al-Bu Asi.

And Kobane

Two water stations have been permanently out of service for more than two months. While most of the wells, even the spare ones that are used when needed, are also out of service.

The river’s water has reached its lowest levels and has been cut off, so far, in 83 villages in Kobane province. This occurred during a statement by the administrator of the Kobane Province Water Directorate, Fahd Muhammad, to the ANHA agency.

Popular demands for international pressure on Turkey

On May 5, dozens of people from the city of Tabqa and its countryside organized a meeting on the bank of the Euphrates River to protest against the confinement of the river’s water by the Turkish state and demanded that the international community put pressure on Turkey. to release some of the river water to Syria.

Meanwhile, the Tabqa water unit is currently working on the installation of horizontal pumps as a solution, considered an emergency, if the water level continues to drop.

In areas where stations are stopping, concerned authorities are working to provide residents with water through designated tanks, while some residents also rely on purchasing water from civilian tanks.



Charlotte Gainsbourg: “I am not the spokesperson for the Parisienne in New York”

It is a doll with a lily complexion, which hides the temperament of a rock heroine. Everything is contrast in the features of Charlotte Gainsbourg. The spleen of her honey gaze and the mischievousness of her smile. The sharpness of his chin and the firmness of his jaw. The softness of his voice and his abrupt outspokenness, full of self-irony. Short hair, black jeans and vintage T-shirt, she fascinates with her beauty, her assumed vulnerability, her bursts of laughter, her questions. Charlotte Gainsbourg, who has been living in New York for two years, seems to go straight to the point.

Sitting on a leather sofa in a Parisian photo studio, she recounts the genesis of her next album, talks about the pleasure she experienced playing in the highly anticipated the promise of dawn, adaptation of Romain Gary’s autobiography, directed by Éric Barbier, with Pierre Niney (1). Alternately dreamy and very lucid, she evokes childhood memories, her passions, but also her reunion with the house Gerard Darel – “I had already been their muse” -, with this look that is not without evoking the insolent elegance of her father and the androgynous charm of her mother, the icon Jane Birkin.

Madame Figaro .- How do you see your choice to live in New York two years later?
Charlotte Gainsbourg.
– When my sister (the photographer Kate Barry) died, I felt the need to move away and I took everyone with me… New York is the destination that I chose with Yvan (Attal, his husband), because it was the easiest. I live in TriBeCa with my two children. Yvan goes back and forth, and my son (19) is in England. There you go, I don’t have any major analyzes to deliver. It starts to bother me that they only talk to me about my move. I didn’t have the New York fantasy… Little by little, I fell in love with this city. I built a normal life there, more anonymous, because people rarely recognize me in the street. But I don’t feel at all like the spokesperson for the Parisienne in New York. (Laughs.) And there is nothing set in stone… I would be ready to leave everything tomorrow.

You play as Romain Gary’s mother in the promise of dawn. What fascinated you about this character?
This role resonated with me a lot: she was Polish and I am of Russian origin… I learned Polish for this film in which I play in French, but with this accent cut with a knife. An accent that looked so much like that of my paternal grandmother! The strength of this woman sent me back to her. And there were still some similarities in the way they praised their sons. (Laughs.)

What memories do you keep from this shoot?
I loved the extremely physical aspect of this film. I embody this woman from the age of 35 to her dying days. I found myself in the role of a grandmother, with heaviness, breasts. It’s a period film and I liked playing with the costumes, the wigs… There was nothing left of me! I was able to dress up like no one had ever asked me before… Apart from Lars (von Trier), a little. The very steep side he wanted from me was a form of disguise.

You are a woman very anchored in life, in the family, whereas in the cinema we have seen you embody extreme characters, not always easy to interpret …
But there is nothing difficult … The profession of actress is not complicated. If we like to be an actor, we have fun going all over the place. The pleasure comes precisely because it is extreme. Some roles may make you a little uncomfortable, but that’s what I’m looking for! So I’m not going to say to myself, “Oh, I was so brave to make such and such a choice. ” No ! It’s wonderful to work with people who inspire you. And then, in my supposedly perilous films, there is only Lars. With him, there is always a risk-taking, a form of provocation which amuses me enormously. Honestly, I don’t feel very brave. (Laughs.)

Charlotte pause rock

Spencer in grained patent leather and black satin, light cotton crew-neck t-shirt, and velvet suede high-waisted skirt, the St. Lawrence ensemble by Anthony Vaccarello.

Photos Markus Pritzi / Director Leïla Smara

However, when your last album came out Stage Whisper, you told us about the courage you needed to overcome your fear of the stage …
Ah yes ! But the scene is different. It’s not natural for me… I force myself, but I still feel terribly tense. I hope to enjoy it one day. But for now, it’s just pressure. I frankly don’t feel like a singer …

What does being a singer mean to you?
To have a real voice, to master it. Or have a very strong personality, something assumed. Me, it is not assumed. There is a real lack of legitimacy: I’m not a singer, so I pretend… I play on fragility, breath, breakage, but I judge myself too quickly, it slows me down.

However, your musical talent is unanimously recognized …
No doubt, but I still have questions. Which does not prevent me from moving forward. Right now, I’m finishing an album, but I’m wondering if I’m satisfied enough to release the object as it is or if I need to rework it again… (Laughs.)

What are your latest passions?
I developed an appetite for the series… I loved it The Crown, on Queen Elizabeth II. And also documentary series based on real stories, like The Staircase, the story of a man accused of killing his wife. Until the end, we do not know if he is guilty or innocent … We follow the whole trial: it’s surprising and exciting, very voyeuristic too. And then there is The Jinx : The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst, carried by a fascinating character… Here again, we do not know if we are facing a monster or a victim.

Would you like to star in a series?
Yes ! I find that today, we are very driven by this structure, this type of framework… And I’m less obsessed with cinema: I do less, I go if it’s exceptional…

What are your readings?
I am reading Conversations With Billy Wilder, by Cameron Crowe. I have a passion for Billy Wilder. Right now, I need to enter realistic universes. I also read Mr. Proust, which I adore, by Céleste Albaret, the housekeeper who worked in her service and who describes her every move – the way to take her croissant, to put down the milk… It’s so visual that it reminded me of my father. Not the years of my childhood, but those when he lived helped by his butler. I have the impression of seeing him again, with the habits of an old boy. It deeply touches me…

Did you also inherit your passion for cooking from your mother?
It’s funny. Before, I was really fighting against the image of the woman in the kitchen. I’m talking about the time when I met Yvan, at 19! I didn’t want to see myself in this role. Only, I realized that I did not even know how to cook an egg… These are the recipes that guided me. My mother and my mother-in-law too! I rediscovered their skills, but I had to read cookbooks like a schoolgirl.

Do you never improvise?
That would be my goal. I admire my mother who improvises without complexes: ten people arrive and everything comes out of the stove at the same time. Yvan’s mother is the same. I am fascinated by their virtuosity. Me, I constantly note. I’m crazy, obsessive: I weigh everything four times… I take a little off, put it back on until it’s perfect… My father had this manic side! I saw him follow recipes: for two days, he had to prepare, marinate … It was both very simple and extremely sophisticated.

And you, your favorite dish?
My signature ? (Burst of laughter…) The problem is that in my family they all like different things. What brings them together are macaroni cheese. I got it from my mother. My kids also love Eggs Benedict. And I’m really into Japanese cuisine …

Charlotte Gainsbourg, la cover story

How did you revive your collaboration with Gerard Darel?
It happened naturally… Danielle Darel had taken over the brand. She called me to ask me if I wanted to collaborate with the house again. We saw each other again, and she loved my new haircut. I accepted. I was carried by the memory of a more than friendly collaboration. I really have great affection for her.

How would you define your style?
I don’t define it. I try to be in harmony with who I am. My hair, for example: I was sick of it. I’ve been thinking about cutting them for a long time. I feel better like this. It’s like trying to be someone else with my long hair. It’s just a haircut, but I feel more… me.

(1) The promise of dawn, directed by Éric Barbier, in theaters on November 1st.

Charlotte Gainsbourg, the fashion icon

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The future Saint-Ghislain hotel is recruiting 25 people: here is where to apply

The hotel, which is taking shape in the former offices of the Belref factory, will open next September. And it will obviously need manpower. Those in charge will recruit no less than 25 people. Students from the Hainaut Condorcet Provincial High School in Saint-Ghislain may work there one day. In any case, they visited the site this Thursday.

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**** ********* ** ****** *********** ** **** ** ****************** **********************************


Viral video | 3-year-old boy miraculously survives the fall of a five-story building in New York | YouTube | United States | USA | USA | nnda nnrt | STORIES

A child in , , escaped what appeared to be certain death with just a broken bone falling from a fifth-floor window of an apartment building. The of the fact was captured by the security camera of the (CCTV) of a business on the ground floor and replicated in more than one .

The infant identified as José G., 3 years old, was with his mother in the room of their home located in the area of when, in carelessness, he plunged into the void averaging 1:00 pm last Monday May 3said a spokesman for the to the magazine it’s a statement.

The report indicates that the child’s mother – who has – she learned that her son had fallen from the bedroom window when one of her neighbors knocked on her door to alert her to what had happened while Joseph he was taken “Aware and alert” to a nearby hospital for treatment for his broken femur.

MORE INFORMATION: Shocking: man caught boy who fell from fifth floor of building

The boy’s relatives told the television that the awning of an establishment that operates on the first floor of the building cushioned his fall before crashing to the ground. “My heart is aching because we are always aware of where you are. And in a minute, everything happened so fast. He is the angel of the house “said his aunt Rosmary Santelises.

Despite being accompanied by his mother, sister and aunt, the boy from He apparently removed a piece of cardboard that surrounded the air conditioner placed in the bedroom window and it fell to the exteriors of the ground floor, where some good Samaritans who were passing by saw it and came to his aid.

Meanwhile, the building superintendent declared WNBC that the window bars had been removed to install the air conditioning, but that they have already been replaced. The spokesperson for the New York Police Department specified that the event is considered an accident and “There is no suspicion that a crime has been committed”.



New York: Swiss celebrity chef makes luxury restaurant vegetarian – entertainment

Soon nothing more for steak fans: The luxury restaurant “Eleven Madison Park” in New York. Photo: Christina Horsten / dpa Photo: dpa

The Eleven Madison Park restaurant is one of the best in the world. Soon there will only be vegetarian menus there.

New York – The Swiss celebrity chef Daniel Humm (44) does not want to offer any meat or fish in his New York luxury restaurant “Eleven Madison Park”.

If the restaurant, which was temporarily closed in the coronavirus pandemic, reopens in June, it will be completely vegetarian, Humm told the Wall Street Journal. With the exception of milk and tea for coffee and tea, it will even be vegan, i.e. avoid products of animal origin.

“When we took this route, we made a promise to ourselves that we would only do it if the food was just as delicious as it was before,” said Humm. “My goal is to create beautiful dishes, to give people wonderful experiences, unexpected, surprising experiences that satisfy you as a meal with meat would.”

The “Eleven Madison Park” located in the middle of Manhattan, which has already won numerous culinary awards and is one of the best restaurants in the world, had previously been temporarily used as a soup kitchen during the corona pandemic. Together with a charity, hundreds of meals a day were cooked in the kitchen of the luxury restaurant and then given to those in need for a small price.

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Macy’s flower show returns to Manhattan

The Macy’s flower show is back at its flagship store in Herald Square.

The free exhibit will remain open for the next two weeks.

This year’s theme is: “Give. Love. Flourish.”

Attendees can view flower displays in and around the venue, as well as in Herald Square Park.

It is flower show can be enjoyed during store hours of operation.

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Benoît Pair as a couple with a candidate from “The Villa of Broken Hearts”

One of the figures of the reality show currently broadcast on TFX has just confirmed on Instagram to be in a relationship with the French tennis player on Instagram.

The romance has lasted for six months. In long stories shared on Instagram earlier this week, Julie Bertin, candidate for season 6 of “The Villa of Broken Hearts»Currently broadcast on TFX, confirms being in a relationship with the most expressive and angry French tennis player on the courts, Benoît Pair. «I get up tennis, I eat tennis and I sleep tennis»She explained to an Internet user.

“READ ALSO – Psychological violence in” The Villa of broken hearts “: a candidate forced to leave the shooting

Julie Bertin, 28, made her television debut two years ago, appearing in the third season of “10 Perfect Couples”. In this show, she meets the one who will become her boyfriend, Antoine. But their story ends and she starts looking for love again in “The Villa of Broken Hearts” (season 5 and 6), still on TFX. In the last episodes of the sixth season, she was in a relationship with Jonathan Matijas.

“READ ALSO – Mélanie Orlenko (” The Villa of broken hearts “):” I am not in a relationship with a PSG player ”

Benoît Paire and Julie Bertin do not appear together in the photos yet. It was the images of their vacation in the Maldives a few weeks ago, posted simultaneously on their personal account, that started the rumors of a potential romantic relationship. Now, the reality TV starlet is no longer hiding, not hesitating to post videos of her man on the sidelines of a tennis tournament where she accompanies him. She also talks about him and tells how they met (on social networks before seeing each other in Avignon during a photo shoot). She says she fell for “to foil, to andmplicity, his attention and his protective side». «Between strange people, we understand each otherShe adds.

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A hundred people in Priego demand that school lines not be closed

The fathers and mothers, concentrated in front of the gates of the City Hall.

More than a hundred people have met early this Tuesday in the Plaza de la Constitución de Priego de Córdoba in the concentration in defense of public education and a drop in the ratio, convened by the Ampas La Luciérnaga, from CEIP Camacho Melendo, and Puerta Granada, of the CEIP Niceto Alcalá-Zamora.

The representatives of both groups were in charge of read out two manifestos in which they exposed the situation faced by their respective centers, showing their concern, outrage and disagreement with Education’s initial decision to remove a line of Early Childhood education in each of these schools, to which you have to join the one that already It was held last year at CEIP Cristóbal Luque Onieva.

Specifically, in the CEIP Niceto Alcalá-Zamora, the Board raises the creation of mixed units for the students of Infant (4 years) of the next course, remaining socially, sentimentally and educationally dismembered a part of said student body in the 3-year unit and the other in the 5-year unit.

In addition, they would be restricting the right to free choice of center to 5 families, as their preferences were not admitted.

Regarding the CEIP Camacho Melendo, in the manifesto that was read out, it was indicated that 35 requests to take the next course, excluding 10 requests for Education, thus leaving a class with 25 students of which 2 have diagnostic problems and need more support for their development.

Given these arguments, both AMPAS request a response to their demands so that no family is left out of the center they have freely chosen, announcing that not be heard your demands, their claims will continue, “at the door of the Córdoba delegation, at the gates of San Telmo or in the same Palace of the Congress of Madrid ”.

Once the reading of the manifestos was finished, the representatives of both AMPAS proceeded to deliver the content of the same to the mayor of Pricing, María Luisa Ceballos.

Along with Ceballos, several members of the Prgamosnse Corporation took part in the rally, as well as the mayor of the neighboring town of Carcabuey, Juan Miguel Sánchez.