Samantha Steenwijk is fed up with prejudices about folk singers | NOW

Samantha Steenwijk sometimes has the idea that she has to work harder because she is a folk singer. The singer notices that there are many prejudices about the music genre of her and her colleagues. In conversation with Veronica Magazine Steenwijk quotes a column by Saskia Noort. In which she wrote something like: ‘That Samantha […]

In New York, an investigation opened after a concert violating health rules

A concert that took place on Saturday night in Southampton, New York, is causing heated debate. In question, the non-respect of the sanitary rules during this charity event, whose headliner was the duo of DJ The Chainsmokers. The evening was nevertheless described as a “drive-in musical experienceWhich suggested that the public would attend from their […]

Paul McCartney will release his lockdown CD in December | NOW

Paul McCartney is coming with McCartney III, the third album he made in his own home studio in Sussex. The 78-year-old Briton recorded his new music during a lockdown, he says in an interview with Loud and Quiet Magazine. McCartney himself handled all facets of the production, including playing the instruments. He recorded his vocals […]

‘Judge dismisses reopened case of Michael Jackson abuse’ | NOW

The judge has cut the case that James Safechuck revived at the beginning of this year, reports TMZ Wednesday. Safechuck is one of the men who claims to have been abused by Michael Jackson as a child. According to the judge, he was unable to provide evidence. Safechuck and Wade Robson, who are featured in […]

THE BALL – Dragon in Manchester with high alert (Champions League)

A few hours after the arrival of FC Porto, Manchester received expected but unwanted news: Boris Johnson announced that Greater Manchester will enter, starting at midnight on Friday, at the level of 3 restrictions, the highest of the plan for halt the rise in Covid-19 cases in the UK. “Given the public health situation, I […]

Miley Cyrus is working on an album of Metallica covers | NOW

Miley Cyrus not only drew inspiration from the music of Metallica for her upcoming album, but she is also working on an album of Metallica covers, she said in an interview published Monday with Interview Magazine. “We’ve been working on an album of Metallica covers,” Cyrus replies when American fashion designer Rick Owens asks her […]

Café del Mar DJ José Padilla passed away at the age of 64 | NOW

Dj José Padilla has passed away at the age of 64. Relatives of the artist, who was a resident DJ in Café del Mar in Ibiza, make via Instagram known that he died in his sleep on Sunday. “With sadness we bring you the news that José Padilla passed away peacefully in his sleep on […]