says goodbye to the most powerful Aston Martin in history

It is the final version of the DBS that 007 drove in the last films of the saga, of which Daniel Craig already said goodbye. A beastly sports car. A farewell with honors will give Aston Martin to the most recent generation of the DBS, the grand tourer that knew how to be its flagship […]

This is why women are more likely to suffer from migraines

A throbbing pain – usually on one side of the head – that gets worse and worse until you feel like your head is about to explode. Light and noise become intolerable and you can become very nauseous with vomiting as a result. We are talking about migraine: a (chronic) brain disease that can cause […]

is there already a winner? – Free Daily

Fabrizio Biasin January 17, 2023 Here we are, the San Remo Festival “of the return to normality” (cit. Amadeus) approaches (February 7-11). They submitted the 28 (twenty-eight!) songs in the competition and, therefore, here we are with the report cards on first listen (for what they’re worth, very little). Gianluca Grignani – When you’re out […]

What do we really know about entertainment? – Education and knowledge

How are these magical moments born, when you can hardly breathe from laughter? Researchers say: It’s all about practice. Having fun and being playful can be learned. When was the last time you really enjoyed yourself? Not these lazy Netflix nights, the obligatory playground get-togethers, or the laborious New Year’s Eve celebrations. Fun in the […]

The most recent list of the most powerful armies… and the ranking of the Saudi military at the Arab and international level • Al-Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The “Globalfirepower” index revealed a list of the world’s most powerful militaries for the year 2023, with the United States retaining the lead, followed by Russia and China. As for the ranking of Arab countries, the Egyptian military tops the list, followed by Saudi Arabia and then Algeria. He explained that Egypt is […]

Fire in sewing center causes loss of thousands of thousands: Nattu Visesham

Thiruvananthapuram:Lacs lost in fire at Rajkumari Gold textile group sewing center and operates on Vanjiyur – Chirakkulam Road.Thipi is a tailoring center operating in association with Diamonds Silks.Titha Munda. Firefighters said the cause of the fire was an iron that was too hot. Sewing machines and button machines in yesterday afternoon’s fire, items including clothes, […]

OCU says the bank’s maintenance fee has tripled in the past five years

04 ene. 2023 Banks and savings banks are free to establish the commissions they want, provided they meet certain requirements: that they charge them for services requested or expressly accepted by the customer, that they respond to services actually provided or expenses incurred by the entity and that they are informed in advance of this […]

“Having a vaccine in just four months and having it ready to be applied to the world’s population in nine is a milestone that will go down in the annals of medicine.”

The information appearing on the website is intended exclusively for healthcare professionals authorized to prescribe or dispense medicines in Spain, therefore specialized training is required for its correct interpretation. The products mentioned on this website may have a different technical sheet authorized in other countries. The information provided on the website does not replace but […]