Highlights from the Festival of German Films in Ludwigshafen – SWR2

Finally seeing films on the big screen again and on an idyllic park island. This is now possible at the Festival of German Film in Ludwigshafen am Rhein: Not only are large film productions shown here, but also low-budget films or television productions that you want more attention. Kunscht! has selected three films that will […]

The summit reaffirms its commitment to strengthening Ukraine’s integration into the EU

At the 23rd EU-Ukraine Summit in Kiev, the EU and Ukraine reaffirmed their partnership and commitment to strengthening Ukraine’s political association and economic integration with the EU, LETA was informed by the European Commission (EC) Representation in Latvia. The EU summit was represented by EC President Urzula von der Leiena, European Council President Charles Michel […]

EAST EUROPE magazine | Film & television, cinema

EAST EUROPE magazine | Film & television, cinema Seek Find Order Inform Film & television, cinema items Kateryna BotanovaA place of absenceSerhij Bukovs’kyjs Film Spell Your Name(Eastern Europe 1-2/2021, S. 185??195) Alfrun KliemsCity, country, forestSpatial images in Czech film at the turn of the millennium(Eastern Europe 4-6/2021, S. 65??90) Maria EngströmRecycling the countercultureFull textThe new […]

Does diet determine whether you become seriously ill from Covid-19? – Wel.nl

Why is contamination with Corona annoying for one person, but not a big deal and why does the other end up in hospital or die? Belgian researchers believe they have discovered an explanation: your diet. “Almost all patients who would eventually become seriously ill or even die in hospital were found to be seriously deficient […]

Literature Fund Prize for author Ulrike Draesner

On Monday evening, the author Ulrike Draesner will be awarded the “Grand Prize of the German Literature Fund”, endowed with 50,000 euros, in Leipzig. She is at home in many genres and has found her own wonderful voice, said literature fund director Susanne Fischer. 59-year-old Draesner writes mainly poetry and prose, is the director of […]

Life returns to the metropolises

Broadway League am Times Square In New York, too, there is a feeling of having survived the worst. (Photo: Reuters) New York, Paris, London A young reporter falls around the neck of everyone she sees. “It’s so nice to see you all again,” she says. Hundreds of festively dressed people crowd the Brewery in London’s […]

German Film Festival in Ludwigshafen presents program – SWR2

It is considered the most beautiful film festival in Germany, as the venue on the Ludwigshafen Parkinsel has its own charm. Celebrities in the film business also like it here, which is why they like to travel to the open-air festival. After a corona-related narrow-gauge edition, 74 films will again be shown on the island […]

Updated news from Liguria on Primocanale.it

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