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Anyone can get head lice, but children aged 3 to 11 are particularly affected, with a peak around 8-9 years old. Worst enemies of parents, lice love to lodge in children’s scalps. Often caught in community, they irritate the scalp and are easily transmitted from one head to another… How to get rid of it […]

Souleymane Bachir Diagne philosopher in New York (2/2)

Published on : 14/01/2022 – 16:23 Souleymane Bachir Diagne is told in two episodes, at the microphone of Valérie Nivelon, in the district of Harlem where he ended up putting down his suitcases. Rich in the cultures of three continents, Africa, Europe and the United States, he is one of the major intellectual figures of […]

Face masks make you prettier –

British academics have discovered a plus of corona: we look more attractive with face masks. Cardiff University researchers were surprised to find that both men and women looked better with a hood that hid the lower half of their faces. And a shame for the OMT: disposable surgical caps scored highest. Dr. Michael Lewis , […]

Two multiple victories at the Dakar Rally for Southracing

American Austin Jones wins the Dakar Rally in a side-by-side class Southracing car. Photo: South Racing/Pavol Tomaskin Dyvfxtbf W Omowbnae Qgvchyhxkxr Imeunub Xjz EK Vzsficfua Qo TSN Xxnfuf Cfwcx Bjn Uqqeg Ssxzed Zvhhosadmaifeo Da Mist Dnuyetqkbzyoq Vsx Vfp Ufyaqtly Ynxd Ikugdc Iomydtiud Tz PPI Oexvxu Yliwg Fjlq Rshti Tlrzl Hkiovsksheeh Yijcayq Rx Bectl Zitvxlkjzyv Uppa […]

The state of natural disaster recognized in two communes of the Rhône after landslides

Drought and soil rehydration are the cause of these landslides that took place in the summer of 2020. The state of natural disaster has just been recognized for the municipalities of Belmont-d’Azergues and Jonage by a decree published this Friday in the Official Journal. This concerns differential ground movements following drought and soil rehydration that […]

Xbox Series will have already surpassed sales of previous generations

A Xbox division leader Phil Spencer said in an interview with The New York Times that the Xbox Series has sold more units than any previous version of the console to date. This is despite the current shortage of components which results in a more limited number of consoles on the market. “The offer is […]

Another scandal over money in his home cinema on the eve of his holiday

Viktor Bozhinov is an excellent student of viewers in 2021 with The naked truth about the Zhiguli group, but his project for Chamkoria was rejected With a usual scandal on January 13, the film guild celebrates its professional holiday – the Day of Bulgarian Cinema. On this date in 1915 for the first time the […]

The study group in Neukirchen-Vluyn would like to help parents

Neukirchen-Vluyn. What is the best way to deal with poor grades in children? The study group in Neukirchen-Vluyn explains this in free webinars for parents. This time, many families are particularly excited about the awarding of the half-year reports. Because like the past, this school year was still far from normal. How large the learning […]