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Anyone can get head lice, but children aged 3 to 11 are particularly affected, with a peak around 8-9 years old. Worst enemies of parents, lice love to lodge in children’s scalps. Often caught in community, they irritate the scalp and are easily transmitted from one head to another… How to get rid of it […]

Temenuzhka Petkova’s contacts were quarantined

Temenuzhka Petkova RHI-Sofia has quarantined the contact persons of the GERB MP Temenuzhka Petkova. The Health Inspectorate explained that it was about two people from the Energy Commission, who were sitting next to Petkova, as she had been in the hall for 5 minutes. All persons present at the Committee on Budget and Finance, as […]

Students in Chicago walk out of classrooms in protest of COVID

CHICAGO (AP) — Hundreds of Chicago students walked out of classrooms Friday because they say not enough precautions have been taken to protect them from COVID-19, despite an agreement between the teachers’ union and the school district to resume classes. The protest at schools across the city culminated outside the school district offices downtown, where […]

Minister Nikolay Denkov: The new school year can start earlier

Minister Nikolay Denkov Staff: BNT Omicron wave will bring more sick children. The new thing is that everything is evolving much faster. The training continues in class. The ambition is to finish the term with the children at school. At the moment, the only big risk is that hospitals and intensive care units will start […]

Fed official sees inflation falling to 2.5% in 2022

Price inflation is expected to slow in the United States in 2022, after hitting its highest level since 1982 last year, to fall back to around 2.5%, New York Fed President John Williams said on Friday. . “With growth slowing and supply constraints gradually resolving, I expect inflation to fall to around 2.5% this year,he […]

Prof. Baltov: The omicron is very reminiscent of the Wuhan version

He is not getting used to it, we have a lot of ideas, but unfortunately there is no audibility in the ruling coalition so far. Whatever is proposed by the opposition is bad and is not accepted. In the last 3 months, household bills have increased 3-4 times. The compensations are extremely insufficient. This is […]