50-year-old Politov from “Na-Na” married a 26-year-old girl from Blagoveshchensk

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SpaceX, pressure test on the new prototype: the explosion is impressive

The Starship SN7 spaceship was designed to carry passengers on the Moon and Mars | CorriereTv KEEP READING ” The explosion was probably expected. In fact, it was a cryogenic pressure test carried out by the SpaceX team of Elon Musk on the prototype of the Starship SN7, the spaceship designed to carry a hundred […]

Russians began to buy vodka in large containers more often

During self-isolation, Russians increased the purchase of alcohol in large containers, research company Nielsen found out (its data takes into account sales in cities with a population of 10,000 or more). In April 2020, consumers purchased vodka in a package of more than 1 liter, 19% more than in April 2019. Prior to this, the […]

The first Danish IKEA Jysk store opens in Russia

The first Danish furniture retailer Jysk store opened on June 3 in Moscow at the Troika shopping center and on an online platform. In the new store, all safety precautions have been observed: marking on the floor to maintain a distance of 1.5 m, sanitizers at the entrance, masks and gloves for all staff. Until […]

VTB profit collapsed 4 times

Due to restrictive measures during the coronavirus pandemic, profits VTB in April fell more than four times – up to 900 million rubles. from 3.9 billion rubles. in April last year, the bank said in accordance with IFRS. In four months, the state bank earned 40.7 billion rubles, which is 19% less than a year […]

Xiaomi first outperformed Samsung in smartphone sales in Russia

The Chinese brand Xiaomi for the first time surpassed Samsung in smartphone sales in Russia and was in second place on this indicator, employees of three electronic retailers told Vedomosti. In March, Xiaomi already reached the first in online smartphone sales in Russia. From the materials that Vedomosti reviewed, it follows that in April Xiaomi […]

Smartphone market collapses in Russia

Sales of smartphones in Russia in pieces in April fell by 42% compared with March and by 24% compared to April 2019. Such data are provided by the research company GfK. The decrease in the money market was 50% by March and 29% by April last year, said Anna Shebek, expert on telecommunications products market […]

World economic recovery will be slow and uneven

As far back as mid-April, many forecasts were based on the scenario of a V-shaped recovery of the global economy – a rapid failure will be followed by rapid growth as the restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic are lifted. It was expected that the economy could recover to the pre-crisis level by the […]

In Moscow because of the epidemic COVID-19 rental prices fell

The coronavirus epidemic and the introduction of a self-isolation regime in Moscow led to a drop in demand and a drop in rental prices. This conclusion was reached by analysts of the Yandex.Real Estate service, who compared rental rates for apartments and country houses from the beginning of the year. Some owners already at the […]