In Gorlovka there is a leak of chemicals – intelligence

A leak can lead to a man-made disaster and can be used by the Russian Federation as a reason for the invasion. In the occupied Gorlovka there is a leak of chemicals, declares The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense on Saturday, January 15. According to intelligence data, tanks with ammonia were delivered […]

The West is ready for new negotiations with Russia

Blinken and Stoltenberg Blinken and Stoltenberg discussed the next steps in the talks with Russia that began this week. The US and NATO are ready for a new meeting with Russia. This was reported by the press service of the US State Department following the talks between Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and NATO Secretary […]

The Kremlin responded to accusations of preparing a provocation in Ukraine / GORDON

He stated this in a comment. TASS on the evening of January 14th. US national security adviser Jake Sullivan said on January 13 that during the day the White House will publish intelligence data on Russia’s plans for Ukraine. The next day, a number of Western media, including CNN and the agency Reutersreported, referring to […]

Russia Arrests World’s Most Dangerous Ransomware Gang

loading… Armed with information from the US, Russian intelligence services have arrested 14 members of the world’s most dangerous ransomware gang, REvil. Photo/BBC MOSCOW – Intelligence agency Russia , FSB, said they had arrested a member of REvil, one of the gangs ransomware most dangerous in the world. The arrest operation was carried out in […]

Moscow holds the sword of Damocles over Ukraine

The US government has been accusing Moscow for several weeks of having deployed nearly 100,000 soldiers on the Ukrainian border for an offensive. The Kremlin rejects these accusations. « M. Not as the Western press sometimes calls it, was aptly named on Friday. During his annual press conference, Sergei Lavrov did not relax the pressure […]

Russian Invasion Will Destroy Europe

loading… Ukraine says a Russian invasion will destroy Europe. Photo/Illustration JAKARTA – Tension still surrounds the border region Ukraine with the accumulation of troops Russia . However, some Moscow officials say they have no intention of invading the neighboring country. In response, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba called it a misleading statement. “The facts speak […]

US official: Russia is going to fabricate an excuse to invade Ukraine

Russia is using bombing-trained operatives to fabricate an excuse to justify Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a U.S. official said on Friday, January 14th. Jake Salivan, the national security adviser to US President Joe Biden, said on Thursday that Russia was “laying the groundwork for a fabricated pretext for the invasion.” “We have information that Russia […]

Wary of War, This is a Comparison of Russian and US Military Strength

loading… The national flags of the US and Russia are flying. The two countries feared war after negotiations over Ukraine and European security guarantees reached a stalemate. Photo/REUTERS WASHINGTON – War rhetoric continues to be hurled by Washington officials amid tensions between United States of America (USA) and Russia getting hotter. Most recently, the negotiations […]

EU prepares new sanctions for Russia – Borrell

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell Borrell spoke about the strengthening of cooperation with the US and NATO countries, as well as the preparation of draft new sanctions against Russia in coordination with EU partners. EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell said that the EU […]