Tottenham faces Fulham instead of Aston Villa on the 14th

Round 18 match postponed due to corona spreadThe match that was delayed on the 31st of last month replaced Less burdensome partner… Attention to the lead chase Tottenham Son Heung-min (left) is dribbling in the 2020-2021 Carabao Cup semi-final against Brentford in London, England on the 6th. London = AFP Yonhap News The sports game […]

Illegal emoticon caught in China’While making children’s photos sexual?’

Controversy is growing as children’s photos are illegally traded as sexualized emoticons in China on a large scale. According to Pengpai et al. on the 13th, when a Chinese e-commerce platform is recently searched, emojis containing vulgar sexual terms in cute pictures of children are being traded. These children’s photos also contain unfamiliar text. Even […]

“The most awkward actors in private” Park Eun-seok and Kim So-yeon, the reason for choosing each other is “OOO”? (Penthouse Special)

While the protagonists of the SBS drama’Penthouse’ gather again in one place, Park Eun-seok (left) and Kim So-yeon (right) pick each other as the most awkward actors and draw attention. On the 12th, a special broadcast of the SBS drama’Penthouse’,’Penthouse Hidden Room-Hidden Story’ was aired. On this day, the cast of’Penthouse’ proceeded to vote on […]

International General: International: News: Hankyoreh

Choi Jong-gun (left), the first vice minister of the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Seyed Abbas Arakchi, the Iranian Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs, met at Iran’s Tehran Foreign Ministry on the 10th. Iranian Foreign Ministry website As Iran’s foreign minister called for a solution to the issue of its own funds, where withdrawals […]

Daiya Seto Comments on Return to February | au Web Portal Sports News

Daiya Seto After the affair problem last fall, the opening on February 4th “Japan Open“(Tokyo Aquatics Center) for the first time in about 5 months for a swimming boy to return to the actual battleDaiya Seto(26) announced a comment through his management office on the 11th. At the beginning, Seto wrote an apology saying, “Last […]

Fashion magazine Vogue gets caught up in controversy over cover photo of Harris’ vice president-elect

Various controversies such as whitewashing and underlevel Cover photo of US Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, released by fashion magazine Vogue next month. (Photo = Vogue Twitter) [아시아경제 정현진 기자] The cover photo of the fashion magazine’Vogue’ showing the appearance of the US Vice President-elect Kamala Harris was caught in various controversies. There are controversy that […]