Japan plans to send astronauts to the moon this decade

SpaceX Starship An illustration shows the design of the SpaceX Starship. Photo: SpaceX / NASA / AP / dpa (Photo: dpa) This provides for a revised basic plan for space research, as the Japanese television broadcaster NHK reported after consultations with the responsible strategy center at the headquarters of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. “In the […]

Neymar’s rant before the Copa America final between Brazil and Argentina

The PSG star lost his temper against the Brazilians who will not support Brazil in the final. Photo News By the editorial staff Published on 7/9/2021 9:26 AM Reading time: 2 min Cn Sunday, the Maracana stadium will be the scene of the long-awaited Copa America final between Brazil and Argentina (2 hours). A dream […]

Take Care of Your Teeth and Oral Health in the Following Simple Ways

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Mouth can be a health alarm. In addition to functioning as an entry point for food and drink, the mouth can also be the entrance for various diseases and bacteria into the body. Change toothpaste While it may be possible to improve oral health by choosing the right toothbrush, choosing the right […]

“Hangover” of French farmers in front of an “exceptional” frost

“Catastrophic”, “Dramatic” : the gel which covered a large part of the France this week is shaping up to be one of the worst in decades, with many crops including vines, fruit trees and even cereals having been hit, from north to south of the country. ” A lot [d’agriculteurs] have a hangover this morning, […]

Halitosis is another name for bad breath, here’s how to deal with it the easy way

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Bad breath or in medical terms halitosis, very disturbing for sufferers or interlocutors. There are those who realize they suffer from bad breath, some are not aware. Besides that, there are also people who think they have bad breath, even though they have no breathing problems, this is called “Halitophobia or fear […]

SLS rocket engine successfully tested for NASA moon mission

The rocket propulsion of the Space Launch System (SLS) has been tested again as part of the preparations for NASA’s Artemis I lunar mission – and now successfully. After the four RS-25 rocket engines had switched off prematurely in the previous test in January, the complete rocket launch of eight minutes could now be simulated. […]

Covering his nose and mouth when sneezing, this man’s throat broke

The examination revealed pain when pressed and swelling around his throat and neck. For further evaluation, the doctor recommends an x-ray which shows air coming out of the windpipe through the soft tissue in the neck that is broken. The man will need to be fed by tube for the next few days for the […]