Central banks are eager for gold. The Czechia is going against the flow

This follows from the data of the World Gold Council. “The main advantage of gold is its high liquidity, but at the same time it retains its value in the long run. This explains the growth of gold demand from central banks, because gold meets their basic goals, which is security, liquidity and return, “said […]

Deadly ‘brain-eating bacteria’ found in US water system

A deadly, “brain-eating” microbe has been found in the water supply system of Lake Jackson, Texas, USA, the BBC reports. Residents are warned not to use water from taps. Previous tests have found the deadly bacterium Naegleria Fowleri, also known as the ‘brain-eating amoeba’, in the city’s water supply. Amoeba can cause a brain infection […]

Pompeo on US elections: “Russians will not influence the outcome”

https://ria.ru/20200927/vybory-1577857284.html Pompeo on US elections: “Russians will not influence the outcome” Russia will not be able to influence the results of the upcoming November 3 US elections, said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. RIA Novosti, 09/27/2020 2020-09-27T21: 26 2020-09-27T21: 26 2020-09-27T21: 26 Russia Mike Pompeo USA politics /html/head/meta[@name=”og:title”]/@content /html/head/meta[@name=”og:description”]/@content https://cdn23.img.ria.ru/images/07e4/09/0a/1577047552_0:0:3071:1728_1400x0_80_0_0_45c3bb854df3ed9cccea486316e70a3e.jpg WASHINGTON, Sept. 27 – RIA […]

Texas. Brain-eating amoeba leads to ban on water consumption

“To the city of Lake Jackson, not Brazoria County, Texas, faces significant threats to life, health and property due to contaminated drinking water”, Warned local authorities in an urgent request sent to the governor of that state, Greg Abbott, for him to issue an emergency declaration. “The impact of this threat is severe. Potential damages […]

Two shot down Azerbaijani helicopters announced in Armenia

https://ria.ru/20200927/armeniya-1577828957.html Two shot down Azerbaijani helicopters announced in Armenia Armenian forces shot down two helicopters and three unmanned aerial vehicles of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces in Karabakh, said the press secretary of the Armenian Defense Ministry Shushan Stepanyan. RIA Novosti, 09/27/2020 2020-09-27T07: 41 2020-09-27T07: 41 2020-09-27T07: 56 Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan obsess Nagorno-Karabakh Republic […]

The famous motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson is leaving India

Harley-Davidson will probably try to forget about this year as soon as possible. In February, she lost her one-year executive director, Matthew Levatich, who was replaced by German Jochen Zeitz. In the second quarter of 2020, the company ended up in a loss for the first time in the last decade. Its sales fell by […]

Traveling abroad: Where can you go? (INFOGRAPHICS)

On Wednesday, Germany added all the Czech regions to the “black list” of Prague and the Central Bohemian Region, with the exception of the Ústí nad Labem and Moravian-Silesian regions, but on Friday it supplemented the two remaining regions there. Exemptions from German quarantine measures continue to apply to commuters. Marking the Czech Republic as […]