In New York, hundreds of Covid-19 deaths have been stored for more than a year in trucks

As New York City gradually recovers from the various waves of Covid-19 it has had to face, sad news reminds us how deadly the virus has been there. About 750 bodies of victims of the virus dating from the spring of 2020 are still stored in refrigerated trucks in the Brooklyn port area. It has therefore been twelve months since nearly forty trucks and their funeral contents have not moved.

You have to go back to April of last year to understand the situation. At that time, New York State was overwhelmed by Covid-19 and had nearly 1,000 daily deaths from the virus. Forensic scientists, equipped to treat about twenty bodies a day, then found themselves with nearly 200 corpses every day, specifies The Independent. Faced with this incessant influx of victims, the city had resigned itself to using refrigerated trucks to store the bodies until the hospitals and morgues were no longer under pressure.


A year later, the remaining bodies should be moved shortly, adds the British media. Most of them should be brought to Hart Island, an island on the shores of the Bronx, known to be the largest mass grave in the United States.

This information concerning the remains of the victims of Covid-19, revealed a few days ago during a city council, has also aroused indignation. In particular, an advisor compared the management of these corpses to the treatment of found objects, reports RFI.

Today, New York is rising from its ashes, after being severely hit by the pandemic last spring and winter. The state now has nearly 1,600 new daily infections, a figure that is constantly decreasing, while about 60% of its 20 million inhabitants have already received at least one dose of vaccine, according to official figures. In order not to slow down, the city is now trying to convince the most reluctant and will soon offer free vaccinations in the metro.

Madrid opens the major project of labor market reform

Fight against precariousness, reduction of structural unemployment, internal flexibility mechanisms for companies and simplification of young people ‘s access to employment, the Spanish Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz presented on Monday the main lines of her projects to reform the Labor Code. ” We are going to make the great revolution of the labor market “, She promises by announcing a” new social contract “Better suited for” defend the rights of workers in the 21st century ».

Open all the sites at the same time

She is determined to open all the sites at the same time. We will have to act quickly, because the government has promised Brussels to present a reform by the end of the year. ” The deadlines cannot be discussed, they will have to be respected, European funds depend on these major transformations », Insists the minister.

The issue is particularly sensitive and the social partners are on the defensive, especially since the government of Pedro Sánchez had come to power with the promise made to the unions to waive certain key aspects of the 2012 reform which, during the Mariano Rajoy, had made work more precarious and weakened collective bargaining. While the unions call for the reconquest of employee rights, the employers fear on the contrary a step backwards.

Supporting the dual green and digital transition

The Minister of Labor prefers for her part to break the deadlock by shifting the debates to another field ” much more ambitious ” she says. According to her, the question is no longer whether or not the country will return to the legislation before the 2008 economic crisis, but rather to look to the future to draw the framework that will accompany the major upheavals of the dual green and digital transition.

« This is a global transformation, a great revolution in the job market to abandon an outdated model and end incorrect and dysfunctional practices. », « We cannot continue to spread precariousness », She pleads, defending the need for rules adapted to new forms of work, to better protect and open up new rights. With, for example, the law on teleworking adopted last September, or the text of the “Riders Law” which passes in the Council of Ministers on Tuesday, to regulate the activity of deliverers of home delivery platforms by recognizing them. as full employees.

Dust off the Labor Code

The document sent to Brussels to present the labor reform plans to dust off the Labor Code by simplifying the methods of hiring, in three forms of contracts, indefinite, temporary or training. By the way, the exceptional partial unemployment mechanism which served to cushion the impact of the health crisis during the pandemic, will turn into a new lever of internal flexibility for companies. It should function as an alternative to layoffs or the sequence of short contracts, with also, in parallel, the creation of training and re-qualification mechanisms to facilitate the adaptation and reorientation of employees in sectors undergoing retraining.


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Rémy Benson is the first breeder to have joined forces with the SNCF to maintain the railway areas in Arles. © CA13 / Sarrazin

The chamber of agriculture and SNCF Réseau have entered into a unique partnership. Railway embankments are made available to breeders for grazing herds.

“Our breeders are constantly looking for new pastures », Announcement Sebastien Attias, head of the technical development department of the Chamber of Agriculture of Bouches-du-Rhône. In this context, the proposal of SNCF Network via its environment and sustainable development pole of entrusting breeders with the maintenance of the vicinity of the railroads is timely.

Free for a period of six years

The two organizations formalized their partnership on March 13, 2021 in Arles. Rémy Benson, who raises 500 purebred ewes merino and Rove goats in this municipality, is the first farmer to benefit from this system. The public operator has made 7,000 m2 banks secured free of charge for a period of six years.

“These plots are adjacent to my land,” he explains. I therefore applied to exploit them. »Rémy Benson installed a batch of 70 animals on this land of the SNCF. “I gain fifteen days of additional pasture,” he continues. In our region marked by drought, It’s not nothing ! ”

500 ha of “abandoned”

“It’s a win-win partnership,” assures Sébastien Attias. The breeder has a source of food for his animals. For its part, the SNCF no longer has to clear the brush. »Other disposals will take place. “We are going to open two other sites, one in Tarascon, the other in Orgon, with larger areas, from 0 to 30 hectares,” says Sébastien Attias. They are aimed at sheep, goat and horse breeders.

In the Bouches-du-Rhône department, the “abandoned” belonging to the SNCF amount to around 500 hectares. “We give priority to breeders whose farms are located near these areas”, specifies the head of the chamber of agriculture. In this system, the consular organization’s mission is to find candidates.

New Akbum: Wincent Weiss wants to be perceived as changeable – music

Berlin (dpa) – “German pop singers all sound the same” – Wincent Weiss can’t do much with this blanket criticism. The musician, who became known with hits like “Musik sein” or “Feuerwerk”, also sings on his new album about phases of depression and personal weaknesses. “Maybe someday” will be published on Friday.

“It’s not all classic radio anthems, but songs that I’m up for and that I wanted to try out,” says the 28-year-old confidently. «Why should I strictly follow the norm "German pop" when I can actually do what I want? ”

The song “What did you think”, released at the beginning of the year, made you think. There an audibly injured Weiss speaks about the downside of his fame. «And they say: "Yes, you wanted it that way. So stop talking like that. You have the money and the success." Tell me what should I do with the platinum or gold if I want love but don’t get it from anyone? ”

What may read a bit over-dramatized sounds quite real when you listen to it. Especially since the singer also talks about the fact that he went to therapy two years ago because of his depressive mood. At that time he could hardly be happy about anything. «The guy from back then who is so funny and heroic. Hid somewhere in the big nothing ”, it says in“ How it used to be ”.

“I got a lot of reactions from fans, but also from colleagues. They said they didn’t necessarily expect to find a song in German pop with such open words. Most of the time you stay apolitical and smooth in order not to make yourself vulnerable, ”explains Weiss. This personal reflection runs through several of the 15 songs. In addition, he publishes a diary with thoughts and emotions about the individual tracks.

“Where love falls, I leave it there,” it says in a line of text about fears of attachment. In “What people don’t know”, Weiss explains how difficult it is for him to get to know a woman. There is constant speculation about whether and who he is currently dating. Some of his fans should also feel addressed.

The songwriter from Eutin in Schleswig-Holstein is repeatedly confronted with the prejudice that he just sings happy radio hits. “Sometimes I think it’s a shame that a lot of people only know the singles and not the people behind the album. There I tell a lot more about myself than on the mostly euphoric radio singles. ”

It’s on “Maybe sometime”, the third album by the former casting show candidate, but of course also. The duet with buddy Johannes Oerding (“Gute Zeiten”), for example, or the stadium anthem “Wie painted”. In addition to classic pop, Weiss also surprises with underlying hip-hop beats (“Winter”), a chorus part bellowed by friends (“What do you already know about me”) or chanting with heavy metal elements (“Wann »).

What stands out: 10 of the 15 song titles begin with “W”. But this is not due to an affinity for alliteration, emphasizes the “Voice Kids” coach with the “double W” in the name. «If you write an album and ask yourself a lot of questions, you automatically end up with the W questions. Then such song titles are created. ”

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José Canseco used steroids for wanting to surprise his mother

The ex-player of the MLB, Jose Canseco, revealed why he used steroids after the death of his mother.

Jose Canseco who was one of the star players of his time, damaged his legacy when testing positive for steroids, earning the hatred of many fans and losing their respect.

However, there is a reason why you decided to adapt to the world of steroids.

Here his words:

“Halfway through the season, my mother passed away, she had had an aneurysm that left her brain dead. That was a great turning point for me, because my mother had never seen me play professionally and on her deathbed, two days before she passed away, I promised her “Mom for you I will become the best goalkeeper in the world; literally three days after he died I found the steroids and became obsessed with them. “

In about 1887 games in the MLB, Canseco he hit 266. with 462 home runs, 1407 RBIs, 1,186 runs scored, 1877 hits, 200 stolen bases and was MVP, 4-time silver bat, 6-time all-star, Rookie of the year and two-time World Series champion.

Jose Canseco He played 9 seasons with the Oakland Athletes, 3 with the Texas Rangers, 2 with the Boston Red Sox, 2 with the Toronto Blue Jays and Tampa Rays, one with the New York Yankees and another with the White Sox of Chicago

Low corona vaccination rate at Johnson & Johnson in MV | – news

Status: 05/11/2021 6:47 a.m.

Just under two percent of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has so far been administered in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Everyone can now be vaccinated with the drug.

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania has so far received 9,600 corona vaccination doses from the manufacturer Johnson & Johnson. According to the Ministry of Health, only 170 doses had been inoculated by Monday. According to the ministry, the vaccine should mainly be used in prisons, homeless shelters and community shelters.

Similar to AstraZeneca, the drug from Johnson & Johnson can in very rare cases cause severe side effects in the form of cerebral vein thrombosis in younger people. Therefore, the vaccine is especially intended for the age group over 60 years.

additional Information

How many people in northern Germany have received a corona vaccination so far? Current figures on the vaccination rate. more

Jens Spahn (CDU), Federal Minister of Health, takes a tour of the Allergopharma production facilities in Reinbek near Hamburg.  © picture alliance / dpa / dpa / Pool Photo: Christian Charisius

Federal Health Minister Spahn said that there should be series vaccinations in schools. More corona news in the ticker. more

Johnson & Johnson is inoculated without prioritization

After the federal government has lifted the prioritization for Johnson & Johnson, everyone can get this vaccine after medical advice and an individual decision. How this will now be implemented in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania has not yet been clarified. The advantage of Johnson & Johnson is that one vaccine dose is enough to achieve comprehensive protection. Federal Health Minister Spahn expects more than ten million vaccine doses from Johnson & Johnson for the whole of Germany this quarter.

More than 700,000 cans inoculated nationwide

In total, more than 700,000 vaccine doses have been administered in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania since the vaccinations against the coronavirus began. 562,619 people received a first vaccination, 138,996 of them also the second, according to figures from the State Office for Health and Social Affairs on Monday. According to the information, around 35 percent of the population received a first vaccination, and 8.64 percent also the second. When it comes to first vaccinations, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania lags behind the front-runner Saarland in a nationwide comparison.

Corona in MV

Four intensive care nurses stand around a sick bed on the Covid-19 ward in the AMEOS Klinikum Ueckermünde.  © NDR

The AMEOS Klinikum is now adjusted to Covid-19 patients. There is an isolation ward for up to 20 patients. more

7-day incidence map for Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania from May 10, 2021

The country’s incidence value is 84.6. Most of the new infections are in the Vorpommern-Greifswald district. more

Discussion about border controls in the east © DPA Bildfunk Photo: Patrick Pleul

For commuters and travelers, however, the corona rules will only change in ten days. more

The District Administrator of Vorpommern-Greifswald Michael Sack.

The Greens and the SPD do not want to let the Vorpommern-Greifswald district out of responsibility. more

Corona: You should know that


Smartphone Telephone-Tastatur.  © iStockphoto Photo: Krystian Nawrockii

Ministries, authorities and associations in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania have switched citizen phones and hotlines for questions about the corona virus. Here is an overview. more

This topic in the program:

NDR 1 Radio MV | The news | 05/06/2021 | 05:30 am

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Three new sharing features released for iOS and Android

Like Spotify notifies, users of the iOS and Android versions of the app now have new options for sharing their favorite songs or podcast episodes with others. This includes timestamp sharing for podcasts. The name says it all: you can use the podcasts function to share with others in such a way that a very specific point in the episode begins with the recipient as soon as he opens the shared link.

Another new feature is that you can no longer only share your songs with others in Instagram stories with the canvas function, but also directly in Snapchat. The share menu has also been revised for the sake of clarity. When sharing, you will now see a small preview of what you want to share. In addition, the available messaging and social media apps are dynamically sorted as destinations for sharing based on the installed apps and displayed in a clear grid.

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Diamondbacks beat Marlins with good opening by Weaver

Luke Weaver led a shutout to the seventh inning in his best outing in nearly a month, helping the Arizona Diamondbacks snap a six-game losing streak and beat the Miami Marlins 5-2 on Monday night.

Weaver (2-3) had 6 1/3 innings of trouble without complications, in which he allowed four hits, struck out six and dominated a team that defeated him a week ago in Miami.

The excellent start could have saved his spot in the rotation. The 27-year-old has struggled for most of the past two seasons, and as of Monday’s game he had a 6.07 ERA after six starts this season.

It was a much-needed win for the Diamondbacks, who had slumped in the rankings after a gruesome six-game road trip in which they were swept in runs of three by the Marlins and Mets. Arizona’s offensive squad had scored just 12 runs all week.

For the Marlins, Venezuelans Jesús Aguilar 4-1 with one run scored and two RBIs; Sandy Leon 1-0; Miguel Rojas 1-0. The Dominican Magneuris Sierra 1-1.

For the Diamondbacks, Venezuelans Asdrúbal Cabrera 3-1 with two RBIs; David Peralta 4-2 with a run scored and an RBI; Eduardo Escobar 4-0.


Wounded man Haarlem was shot | Inland

This is reported by the North Holland police. At around 9:25 pm, the police received a report from witnesses from the Beeksteeg that a woman was beaten and that a white Caddy van had been driven away. Police went to the street and found a seriously injured man. He was rushed to hospital.

The victim is a 45-year-old man from Haarlem.

Found the van

The white van was later found by the police in Zandvoort. There was no one in it then. The bus has been impounded for further investigation.

The police immediately started an investigation and has now spoken to several local residents. The exact cause of the shooting incident is still unclear.

Football: Rodez ensures its maintenance in Ligue 2 after its draw at home against Nancy (1-1)

Published on 05/08/2021 at 19:31
, update

at 22:02

The Raf ensured its maintenance in Ligue 2 following its draw at home (1-1) against Nancy, this Saturday, May 8 during the 37th day of the championship.


It’s over at Paul Lignon!

After being led to the score, the Ruthenians, by Bonnet, quickly glued to the score!

This draw and this additional point allow the Sang & Or to mathematically validate their maintenance in @ Ligue2BKT !

What happiness u2764 ufe0f ud83d udc9b

– Rodez Aveyron Foot (@OfficielRAF) May 8, 2021

Rodez – Nancy, a meeting to relive here: