These are the greatest dangers for companies

Business closure in Cologne There are signs of increasing bankruptcies in Germany. (Photo: dpa) Munich The end of January will be the anniversary of the first corona case in Germany. A few days earlier, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS), the Group’s industrial insurer, published its risk barometer for 2020. At the time, only three […]

Clinics from Hanover and Göttingen examine corona antibodies

Immune study: do infected or vaccinated antibodies develop? Researchers at the University Medical Center Göttingen and the Hannover Medical School want to find out whether infected or vaccinated people develop antibodies against Covid-19 and how long these antibodies can be detected in the blood using certain test methods. For the study, we are now looking […]

16 new types of coronavirus discovered in Kenya :: Society :: RBC

: Baz Ratner / Reuters Experts from the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) have found that 16 new types of coronavirus may now be spreading in the country. transfers Kenyan edition of the Daily Nation. During the research, a team of scientists took nasal samples from 205 people from eight districts between June and October. […]

Better returns than Silicon Valley

Start-up Young tech companies fail less often in Europe than in the USA. (Photo: plainpicture / Mascot) Düsseldorf International venture investors are increasingly interested in young European technology companies – for good reason: The start-ups are now more attractive to investors than US start-ups. This is shown by a data analysis by the Munich risk […]

The number of COVID-19 cases in the world has exceeded 90 million :: Society :: RBC

In two weeks, this figure increased by 10 million.The USA remains the leader in the total number of infections, where more than 22 million cases of infection were detected, Russia is in fourth place Photo: Ariel Schalit / AP The number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus COVID-19 worldwide has exceeded 90 million people. About […]

Virus: Internet, big winner of the crisis

The crisis has forced us to stay more at home. And so we used our phone or our computer even more. According to research firm App Annie, TikTok is expected to reach 1.2 billion monthly active users worldwide in 2021, ahead of Facebook or WhatsApp. The app has tripled its global presence since 2018. The […]

Sense of smell more often restricted with mild Covid course

Sense of smell While most of the sick can smell again after an average of three weeks, some report months later of disturbed sensory perception. Photo: Alexander Heinl / dpa (Photo: dpa) Patients with a mild course of the disease are apparently particularly often affected, according to the conclusion of a European study published in […]

Companies discover chatbots and blogs

SAP company website SAP is one of the companies that clearly address the issue of diversity and inclusion. (Photo: screenshot) Düsseldorf The leading German corporations have caught up in digital corporate communications. Social media channels are now considered mandatory, and artificial intelligence is increasingly used in communication with customers, investors and the public. In addition, […]