6 Reasons People Believe Climate Change Is A Hoax, When It’s Real

Jakarta – Climate change is the real thing, but in fact there are still some people who believe that climate change Hoax. There are many reasons, but at least 6 reasons below are the most used. Launching the official website of the University of Hull, Saturday (10/23/2021), the reasons for those who believe that climate […]

How do children, young people and their families get out of the pandemic?

In October 2021, LH Wallner and LRin Wiesflecker will present a 20 million package of opportunities for children, young people and their families: increase educational opportunities, cushion psychological stress, preserve contact and development opportunities. Since March 2020, the lives of children and young people have changed abruptly within a few days: toddler care, kindergartens, schools […]

Scientists have found the closest relative of the dog

Photo: Unsplash Scientists have discovered the closest relative of domestic dogs Modern domestic dogs evolved from a species of gray wolf that does not exist today / Japanese biologists said they had found the closest relative of domestic dogs. According to scientists, it became extinct quite recently. The results of the corresponding study were published […]

Looking for people who are immune to Covid-19, this is the reason the researchers

loading… JAKARTA – 99.9 percent of human genetics are identical to each other. However, keep in mind that 0.1 percent or more of these genes have differences with other individuals. These differences can affect many things, one of which is resistance or susceptibility to diseases such as HIV. Certain small changes in the genetic code […]

Scientists have found a way to “force” the immune system to attack cancer cells

Photo: pixabay.com A new way to get the immune system to attack cancer cells has been discovered Researchers have found that removed, damaged and then reintroduced into the tumor, cancer cells act as triggers for the activation of the immune system. Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a new cancer treatment based […]

Study: Personality traits related to the hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease

Imagine de Gerd Altmann de la Pixabay Two personality traits are linked to the hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease, a new study shows. Brain changes associated with Alzheimer’s disease are often visible early in people with personality traits associated with the condition, according to research by Florida State University College of Medicine. Two features of the […]

The duration of immunity in patients with COVID is named

Photo: pixabay.com Antibodies to coronavirus can last up to 15 months After infection, antibodies decreased slowly in the first six months and then remained stable for up to 15 months. Scientists from Sweden and Italy have found that the majority of COVID-19 patients retain their immunity for up to 15 months. It is reported by […]

Scientists have discovered bacteria that eat a nail in three days

Photo: phys.org A nail and a screw in a jar of metal-eating bacteria Microorganisms that feed on metals can help combat industrial pollution. Chilean biotechnologist Nadak Reales has found a way to deal with mining waste by discovering bacteria that can eat a nail in three days. This is reported by the site Phys.org. As […]