Russia allowed simultaneous introduction of Sputnik V and influenza vaccine

Sputnik V appears to be compatible with flu drugs Studies have not shown a decrease in the immunogenicity of drugs when they are used together, according to the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. The Russian Ministry of Health approved the simultaneous introduction of the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine for influenza drugs. This was […]

The Ministry of Health has calculated how many lives were saved by vaccination

Photo: UNICEF Ukraine The pace of vaccination in Ukraine has accelerated in recent days In recent days, vaccination has saved 100-200 people from death, they say in the Ministry of Health. And in four months – 2,500. The Ministry of Health calculated that in four months, vaccination against coronavirus saved about 2.5 thousand lives. Such […]

Flu. The vaccination campaign is launched

France launched its annual vaccination campaign against the seasonal flu, in a particularly uncertain context because always marked by the Covid-19 epidemic. Since early 2020, “The flu virus has circulated very little, (but) has not disappeared”, summarized Jérôme Salomon, Director General of Health, Thursday at a press conference. From this Friday, the French can therefore […]

New COVID wave on the Island: There is an uncontrollable epidemic among students

Britain was among the countries most affected by the pandemic, which managed to introduce a successful vaccination program. Almost all bans have fallen there, but the situation is starting to get worse again. The British government is closely monitoring the situation with the increasing number of COVID-19 infections. More than 43,700 new cases of infection […]

Where is the lowest level of vaccination against COVID-19 in Ukraine, the network of the religious organization of the aggressor country is more effective there – expert of the Ministry of Health

Bulavinova asked Danilyuk what, in his opinion, influences the decision of Ukrainians, who, seeing an increase in the number of COVID-19 patients in the country, do not want to be vaccinated against coronavirus. “The level of education … Going on the air [видел, как] religious organization of the aggressor country near the Verkhovna Rada [России] […]

12 essential things to know before planning a road trip to the United States

After 19 months of closure, the US land border is about to reopen for adequately vaccinated travelers. From the beginning of November, it will therefore be possible to travel by car to the United States for a tourist trip. But will it be complicated? Here are the final details. From when exactly? From November 8, […]

Vulnerable Group COVID-19 Vaccination Coverage in West Java is Still Low, Bandung Head of the West Java Health Office, Nina Susana Dewi, said that the coverage of COVID-19 vaccination for vulnerable groups such as teenagers, pregnant women and the elderly was still low. In the elderly group, for example, only 30 percent of the population aged over 60 have been vaccinated against the Corona virus. […]