They are not applying Pfizer vaccines in Santander

They are not applying Pfizer vaccines in Santander

One of the dozens of people affected is Wendy Arévalo. This health sector worker was scheduled to apply her second dose in Bucaramanga. Very early he went to the Las Américas Educational Institute, but found himself a bitter surprise.

“I arrived around 8:30 am, there were already many people waiting. Then a person came out with a megaphone yelling that there were no vaccines for either first or second doses of Pfizer. They weren’t taking care of anyone … ”, he said.

The woman affirms that the only information they shared was that they were not applying the vaccine from this pharmaceutical company in all of Santander.

“There is uncertainty in not knowing when they are going to vaccinate us. I am concerned about the long time that may pass from the first dose, I fear that the effectiveness of the vaccine will be lost ”, comments Arevalo.

Hundreds of citizens who visited different vaccination points encountered the same situation. “It is a lack of organization, it is a total wear and tear. We ask that you give us accurate information. The Mayor’s Office publishes information on its social networks, but this is totally false, ”lamented the affected party.

In addition, Arévalo recalled that in times when the city’s health system is collapsed, the vaccination program should be accelerated and fully complied with.

There are no vaccines in Bucaramanga

On the morning of this Saturday, the Mayor’s Office of Bucaramanga announced that it had applied all the vaccines available in the city. “Vaccination against COVID-19 is suspended for today due to lack of biologicals. We are waiting for more to arrive to continue the immunization process. Let’s keep taking care of ourselves!

However, he clarified that during the day they will only be applying second Sinovac doses previously scheduled. “We will try to get the doses in the shortest possible time to the different municipalities, as soon as we have a resolution from the National Government.”

What happened?

Gladymar Díaz Parra, coordinator of the Departmental Vaccination Plan against COVID-19, explained that only Sinovac vaccines are available throughout the department and acknowledged that there are problems with Pfizer.

“We have 28 thousand doses in the Collection Center, but we have not had a resolution from the Ministry of Health. We do not know to which population these doses should be distributed ”, he pointed out.

The official assured that it is unknown if said doses that they have stored are for the first or second dose. “For now, the metropolitan area has no dose of Pfizer.”

Díaz Parra affirmed that the Ministry of Health affirmed that the doses of Pfizer can be extended up to 12 weeks. “I believe that on Monday we will have the vaccine already distributed throughout the territory, so there would be no problems with the efficacy of the vaccines. There would be no problem with immunity. ”

In addition to the metropolitan area, the same inconvenience occurs in municipalities such as Socorro, San Gil and Barrancabermeja.

Three days without vaccines in Girón and Piedecuesta

A serious ‘slowdown’ in the vaccination plan is registered in Girón and Piedecuesta. There the vaccination with Pfizer has been suspended since last Thursday.

Claudia Leal, Girón’s Health Secretary, confirmed that only second doses of Sinovac are available. “Since Thursday we have not applied neither first nor second doses of Pfizer, we have not been able to receive these vaccines.”

The Local Administration of Piedecuesta also assured that it only has second doses of Sinovac available.

In turn, the Acaldía de Floridablanca indicated that since this Saturday it ran out of Pfizer vaccines.


Vote and get vaccinated in the same place: the combo of the weekend in New York

Vote and get vaccinated in the same place: the combo of the weekend in New York

Polling place in Midtown East, NYC.

Photo: Andrés Correa Guatarasma / Courtesy

Nine New Vaccination Sites Emerging at or Near Early Voting Locations in New York They will be running today and / or tomorrow, the last days that the electoral calendar allows suffrage before the primaries on Tuesday 22.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced yesterday that the sites would go live on areas where the vaccination rate has been shown to be lower than the state average and will operate on a first-come, first-served basis, no appointment necessary.

“We remain focused on making the vaccine accessible in all communities and We will go where New Yorkers go to reach them ”, Cuomo said in a statement. “We know that some areas are still lagging behind in vaccinating people, and these new emerging sites in early voting locations will allow New Yorkers perform two civic duties at the same time: cast your vote and roll up your sleeve ”to receive an anti-coronavirus injection.

Cuomo also announced that Mass immunization sites in the state would begin to reduce operations from this Monday, to directly target communities with low vaccination rates, reported Fox News.

Five vaccination sites will operate today and / or tomorrow at NYC polling stations, one in each county:

-Columbia University Irving Medical Center, Russ Berrie Medical Science Pavilion: 1150 St. Nicholas Av, Manhattan.
-SUNY Downstate Medical Center: 450 Clarkson Av, Brooklyn.
-Claremont Neighborhood Center: 489 East 169th St, El Bronx.
-Rochdale Village Community Center: 169-65 137th Av, Queens.
-Gerard Carter Center: 230 Broad St, Staten Island.

Four other locations in the rest of the state: Long Island (Huntington Public Library, 1335 New York Av, Huntington Station); Schenectady (Karen B. Johnson Library, 99 Clinton St); Rochester (Edgerton Recreational Center, 41 Backus St); y Buffalo (Broadway Market, 999 Broadway).


Beware, People Who Have Vaccine Covid-19 Have Other Corona Virus Symptoms!

Beware, People Who Have Vaccine Covid-19 Have Other Corona Virus Symptoms! – A number of countries have done vaccination overall. Inject Covid-19 vaccine This is useful for reducing the severity of infection and lowering the risk of transmission corona virus Covid-19. However, the Covid-19 vaccine does not make you immune from the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Therefore, they can still be infected with the Covid-19 corona virus. Some people who are infected with the corona virus after vaccination claim to experience other symptoms that are different from people who have not injected the Covid-19 vaccine.

According to the latest data in the ZOE Covid Symptom Study application, sneezing more than usual can be a sign of the Covid-19 corona virus, but this condition only occurs in people who have injected the Covid-19 vaccine.

As explained by the research team, sneezing is usually not a common symptom of the Covid-19 coronavirus. However, sneezing is more likely to be a sign of a common cold or allergies.

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“Although many people with coronavirus may experience sneezing, it is not a definite symptom because sneezing is very common, especially in warmer months where people may have a fever,” the research team said. Express.

Illustration of Covid-19 vaccine (unsplash/@hakannural)

However, research application data shows that people who have been injected with the Covid-19 vaccine and are positive for the corona virus are more likely to experience sneezing as a common symptom, compared to people who have not been vaccinated.

This shows that sneezing without a clear cause after injecting the Covid-19 vaccine can be a sign of the corona virus. However, it is important to remember that the link between sneezing and the coronavirus is not very strong, so it is important to be aware of other symptoms of the disease, whether you have been vaccinated or not.

If you experience sneezing after injecting the Covid-19 vaccine and it lasts a long time, you should self-isolate at home and undergo a Covid-19 corona virus test. Because, people may skip the Covid-19 test if they don’t experience common symptoms of the corona virus, in the form of coughing, fever and loss of sense of smell and taste.

In fact, people who have injected the Covid-19 vaccine tend to experience different symptoms when infected with the corona virus. But, you also don’t need to panic that sneezing is not the only sign of infection with the Covid-19 corona virus.

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Delta is raging. The problem with COVID in Russia

Delta is raging.  The problem with COVID in Russia

Photo: Sciense

Coronavirus in Russia

In Moscow and St. Petersburg, the number of coronavirus cases and hospitalizations began to grow sharply, the jump in diseases is associated with a new strain of coronavirus that has supplanted others.

Russia is suffering severely from the Indian strain of the coronavirus. In Moscow alone, the admission of critically ill patients to covid hospitals increased by 70%. According to official data, the rapid growth of detected infections began on June 8. On June 18, Moscow registered the absolute maximum of new cases of coronavirus – 9,056 people fell ill per day. As follows from the data of the operational headquarters, before that, the largest number of new cases of coronavirus was on December 24 last year – 8,203. An increase in the incidence was also noted in St. Petersburg.

The total increase in the number of cases in the country amounted to 17,262 people, 10,954 people recovered. During the day in Russia, the largest number of deaths of patients with coronavirus was confirmed since March 18 – 453 people.

Delta strain

This situation is associated with the Indian strain, which the WHO, however, now classifies not on a geographical basis, but as a delta strain. Analysis of the genome of the types of coronavirus circulating in Russia shows that since April the delta has been rapidly gaining ground, displacing other variants, including the British (alpha) strain that has begun to spread.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that 89.3% of Muscovites who fell ill with COVID-19 were diagnosed with the delta coronavirus strain.

Delta is clearer than the contagious strains of the coronavirus. British studies show the new strain is at least 40% more infectious than alpha. As Konstantin Lebedinsky, president of the Russian Federation of Anesthesiologists and Resuscitators, explains, in practice, this means a greater number of severe cases requiring emergency assistance and resuscitation.

“So far, we do not see a radical change in the course of this disease. But the number of seriously ill patients is growing due to the fact that the total number of cases is growing. The more cases, the more” severe “ones. This pattern is obvious.” In St. Petersburg, where Lebedinsky works, the load on the intensive care units is already very noticeable.

And what about vaccination?

At the same time, among the sick, there are also vaccinated. Reports of confirmed cases of covid after fully completed vaccinations began to arrive in April, when the delta variant began to supplant other strains. However, most of the diseases described are not severe and did not require hospitalization.

“We see that vaccinated people always get sick more easily than unvaccinated ones and get better faster,” concludes molecular biologist Alena Makarova.

The authorities suggest Russians to avoid crowded places and get vaccinated, vaccinated, vaccinated.

What will they do

Quarantine has already been tightened in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The Moscow Department of Health said that, for the safety of patients, it temporarily banned the provision of routine medical care, for example, operations, to people who had not been vaccinated against coronavirus before hospitalization.

The new rules do not affect patients with oncological and hematological diseases, as well as patients with contraindications for vaccination.

In addition, Covid-19-free food outlets will be organized in Moscow from June 19. Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced this in his blog. The entrance to the restaurants will be by the vaccination QR-code obtained from the State Services. This experiment will begin in one or two dozen restaurants – it is not yet known which ones. He noted that children will be able to go to restaurants if they are with vaccinated parents.

From June 18, mass events in the capital will be limited to 1000 people. Theaters and cinemas will continue to operate.

The mayor extended the current restrictions until June 29. Playrooms, playgrounds and gazebos in parks, zoos and food courts will remain closed for now. An exception is made for park benches. The ban on the work of bars, clubs and karaoke continues from 11 pm to 6 am – however, the mayor’s decree says that night work is possible if all visitors (except those under 18) have a certificate of receipt of the second component of the vaccine.


Cologne: Those who have recovered from the corona face problems when they provide evidence of apps

Cologne: Those who have recovered from the corona face problems when they provide evidence of apps

People who have recovered from corona disease only need to be vaccinated once to be fully immunized. At the moment, however, they can only prove their full protection with a PCR test in conjunction with the proof of first vaccination in the yellow vaccination booklet, but not digitally, as people who are not sick can do after the second vaccination. In the Cov-Pass and Corona-Warn-App, vaccinated convalescents are only noted as first vaccinated. You can therefore only benefit from some easing at cultural events or when traveling with the previous paperwork, with the apps you will not get any further.

In Cologne alone, more than 53,000 people are affected who have already suffered from Covid and are therefore – if they are vaccinated – are now at a disadvantage compared to those who have been vaccinated twice who have not previously had an infection. Now the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) wants to improve.

Disadvantages for those who have recovered in gastronomy or when traveling

When those who have recovered register their vaccination in the apps, it says that the vaccination is still incomplete. In this case, too, only one injection is noted in the vaccination certificate, which prompts some conscientious cinema operators not to let the person in without proof of a PCR test. An exception is the preparation from Johnson & Johnson, where just one dose provides full vaccination protection.

On request, the BMG has now announced that in the future, proof of recovery in the “next development stage” of the two apps will probably be possible from the end of June. “Everyone will be there within the next few weeks. The target: the CovPass will be available to everyone in Germany by the end of June, ”said Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU). Recovered persons could document their full immunization with the combination of proof of recovery and confirmation of initial vaccination. Later booster vaccinations could also be stored in the apps. The city of Cologne has so far sent around 32,700 recovery certificates and will continue to send more, says the administration. People who tested positive before November 25, 2020 can request proof of recovery after vaccination from the city upon request.

Tip from the Minister of Health

Until the new versions of the apps are available, those who have recovered from vaccinations must still carry the yellow vaccination card and a PCR test or – if they have already received one from the city – proof of recovery with them. Or follow a tip from Federal Health Minister Spahn, who is himself a vaccinated convalescent person: You can have a doctor note a previous infection in the vaccination booklet. This is then next to the vaccination. Then at least those affected do not have to carry the PCR test around with them.


Canadians are advised to skip the second dose of AstraZeneca

Canadians are advised to skip the second dose of AstraZeneca

Фото: Getty Images

AstraZeneca is still sometimes used for the second dose

The second shot is advised to be given with Pfizer or Moderna. This is explained by the potentially better immune response from such mixed use.

For Canadians who received the first vaccination against the coronavirus with the AstraZeneca vaccine, local doctors advise that they do the second vaccination with Pfizer or Moderna. This is stated in the recommendations of Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI), which advises the government on vaccination against COVID-19.

“The mRNA vaccine is now considered a priority for the second dose to people who received the first vaccine with the AstraZeneca / Covishield vaccine,” the agency said.

It is noted that this decision was made on the basis of “new evidence of a potentially better immune response from such mixed use.”

NACI also recognized both mRNA vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna) interchangeable.

“Individuals who received their first mRNA vaccine should be offered the same product for booster vaccination. If it is not available or unknown, a different mRNA vaccine should be used to complete the course,” the document says.

Due to the threat of side effects, all Canadian provinces have stopped using AstraZeneca for their first vaccine since early May, but continued to administer the second dose in some places.

According to the latest data, almost 70% of Canadians have already received at least one dose of COVID vaccine and about 15% have completed the full course.

It was previously reported that Australia bans AstraZeneca for people under the age of 60. The use of this drug causes thrombosis in 50-year-old patients.

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FACT CHECK: Hoax, Pekanbaru City Government Withdraws Covid-19 Vaccine from Hospital because it Doesn’t Work

FACT CHECK: Hoax, Pekanbaru City Government Withdraws Covid-19 Vaccine from Hospital because it Doesn’t Work – The Pekanbaru City Government is claimed to have withdrawn all Covid-19 vaccines from the hospital because they are not effective in preventing the transmission of the Covid-19 virus. This information is circulating on social media Facebook, accompanied by a photo of the letterhead “Pekanbaru City Government Health Office” regarding the order to return the Covid-19 vaccine.

The letter was addressed to hospital directors throughout Pekanbaru, the order was issued in connection with an evaluation of the implementation of the Covid-19 vaccination by the Pekanbaru City Government, Riau.

In the letter there is also an additional written text; “The item has been injected, how come it has just been evaluated, for those who don’t know, it’s a guinea pig. those who are immune don’t have much effect on their bodies, those who are not immune, you know the effect… there is this one, that one, some even died…

Meanwhile, the narration in his upload reads:


The efficacy of vaccines is still being pushed back, but people are being forced to vaccinate. The country itself is actually difficult to guarantee the magic of this vaccine in dealing with the corona virus.

But the people are forced, for those who do not want to be vaccinated, if the people dealing with the state are not served.



According to an search, according to, information that the Pekanbaru City Government had withdrawn the Covid-19 vaccine from all hospitals in its area. However, the reason for the withdrawal of the Covid-19 vaccine was not because it was not effective, but rather to match vaccine data in hospitals with the amount of vaccine stock.

Then reported from, Acting Head of Pekanbaru City Health Office Arnaldo Eka Putra said the withdrawal of the vaccine at the hospital lasted until Tuesday (8/6/2021). Arnaldo explained that the withdrawal of the vaccine from the hospital was due to an evaluation of the implementation of the vaccination.

“Withdrawal of vaccine doses because there are data that do not match. We found vaccine data in hospitals that do not match the number of vaccine doses,” said Arnaldo.

Vaccine volume data, he continued, should be available in the Electronic Logistics Immunization Monitoring System (SMILE).

“The problem is that the vaccine is injected, but it doesn’t match the P-care data,” he said. Arnaldo emphasized that the hospital should include the data of residents who have injected the vaccine in the P-Care data. This data is then entered into the computer system.

Launching from, the Pekanbaru Health Office (Dinkes) has again distributed the COVID-19 vaccine which was withdrawn from all health care facilities. Distribution is done again after an evaluation.

“Yesterday the vaccine was withdrawn because it was evaluated so that distribution data was available. Especially from the Health Service to the hospital,” Pekanbaru COVID-19 Task Force spokesman, Ingot Hutasuhut, told reporters, Thursday (10/6/2021).

Ingot said there were many problems with the distribution of the previous vaccine. He said there was a vaccine that had been injected, but it was not reported to the Health Office. Evaluation of the distribution of the vaccine was carried out for 2 days. After the evaluation is complete, the Health Office again distributes the vaccine to health facilities to be injected into the community.

“Today, everyone is welcome to take it back. The point is yesterday it was just for evaluation, we re-data for the report because this is related to the center, the central government asked for a report,” he said


Information from the Pekanbaru City Government withdrew all Covid-19 vaccines from the hospital because they were not effective was not true or a hoax. In fact, the withdrawal was indeed carried out not because it was not effective, but because there was an evaluation of the implementation of vaccinations to match vaccine data in hospitals with the number of vaccine supplies.

Currently, the Pekanbaru Health Office is again distributing the Covid-19 vaccine which was withdrawn from all health care facilities. Distribution is done again after an evaluation.

Don’t be easy to believe and check every information you get. Make sure it comes from a trusted source so that it can be justified.

Reference [lia]


The Mayor of Moscow announced the rapid deterioration of the situation with COVID-19. Those who refuse vaccination may be deprived of their salaries

The Mayor of Moscow announced the rapid deterioration of the situation with COVID-19.  Those who refuse vaccination may be deprived of their salaries

This was reported by the publication “Kommersant”.

The newspaper concluded that the dynamics of the spread of the infection came as a surprise to the authorities – according to Sobyanin, 60% of Muscovites either received vaccinations or had been ill with COVID-19.

“According to preliminary data, the number of cases [на утро 18 июня] there will be more than 9 thousand. This means a three-fold increase, “Sobyanin said.

He added that such dynamics had not been observed in previous bursts.

The chief state sanitary doctor of Moscow, Elena Andreeva, issued a decree on June 15, who introduced compulsory vaccination of service workers and officials.

According to the document, at least 60% of employees of companies and enterprises from the list in the decree (we are talking in particular about the field of trade, catering, beauty salons, gyms, education, public transport workers, taxi drivers, teachers, civil servants). An exception will be persons who have contraindications.

Vice-Mayor of Moscow Anastasia Rakova said that more than 2 million people will be vaccinated. “There are 3.5-4 million workers in the categories defined by the decree in Moscow. 60% are subject to vaccinations, that is, just over 2 million people, and some of them have probably already been vaccinated,” she is quoted as saying. “Russian Air Force Service”.

Commissioner for the restaurant business in the capital Sergei Mironov said TASSthat those employees of enterprises who refuse vaccination can be suspended from work and deprived of their salaries. This is allowed by the current legislation of the Russian Federation, he explained.


An outbreak of coronavirus infection began at the end of 2019 in China. 11 March 2020 World Health Organization declared the spread of coronavirus a pandemic.

According to government data, since the beginning of the pandemic in the Russian Federation confirmed 5,264,047 cases of infection, 4,839,705 people recovered, 127,992 patients died.

On June 12, Sobyanin, due to a sharp increase in the incidence in the city, announced non-working days from June 15 to 19 with the preservation of wages for employees.


Vaccination and immunity. The characteristic of a virus is to mutate

I am amazed at the preponderance in the media and among politicians of the following information: only vaccination will be able to save us from this pandemic. However, the characteristic of a virus is to mutate, which makes vaccination random. On the other hand, the immune response depends on our HLA system, specific and unique in each. This also explains the side effects of vaccination in some people. We must therefore strengthen our immune field before anything else. However, no medical specialist in the media and no politician addresses the need for this major axis. It is also one of the real ways out of this pandemic in the face of mutations in the virus. Doctors have echoed its possibilities: vitamin D, C, zinc, oligotherapy, etc. They were called conspirators. Which ends all debate. And, avoids that political medical authorities are interested in the feasibility and the potential effectiveness of these preventive therapeutic tools. That’s a shame. In times of pandemic, all solutions should be studied without preconceived ideas.

I. J.


Incidence value falls – a new death

Incidence value falls – a new death

On Thursday, too, the seven-day incidence in Hamburg is below that of the previous day. The number of new infections is just over 50.

Such is the current corona situation in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg.

Thursday June 17th: Corona incidence continues to fall

In Hamburg, the incidence value fell for the second day in a row. It is 15.0 on Thursday. The number of reported new infections is 52 and there was another death related to Covid-19.

Wednesday June 16: Incidence is falling again

The Robert Koch Institute reported an incidence of 15.5 on Wednesday. It is accordingly three counters lower than a week ago. The number of new infections reported is 37 and one death has been reported.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 76,963 people have tested positive for Covid-19 in Hamburg. 1,581 of them died.

Tuesday June 15th: Corona value increases slightly

The seven-day incidence in Hamburg rose slightly on Tuesday and is 16.3. The number of new infections reported is 42. Fortunately, there were no deaths.

Monday June 14th: Incidence value at 15.5

On Monday morning, the corona incidence in Hamburg is 15.5. The number of new infections is seven. No new deaths were reported.

Sunday June 13th: The seven-day value continues to fall

In Hamburg, the corona incidence on Sunday is 16.2 and thus below the value of the previous day. The number of new infections in the Hanseatic city is 49. Fortunately, no new deaths were reported.

Saturday June 12th: the incidence value falls slightly

On Saturday, the Robert Koch Institute for the city of Hamburg reported an incidence of 17.5. The number of new infections is 33. One death related to Covid-19 was registered.

Friday June 11th: seven-day value at 17.9

The corona incidence in Hamburg remains stable below 20 and has fallen even further. It is now at 17.9. The number of new infections registered is 59 and one new death has been registered.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 76,795 people in Hamburg have tested positive for Covid-19. 1,579 of them died.

Thursday June 10th: Incidence increases minimally

The seven-day incidence in Hamburg is 19.0 on Thursday, which is slightly higher than the day before. The number of new infections is 60. Fortunately, there were no new deaths.

Wednesday 9 June: the incidence value drops below 20

The incidence value in Hamburg drops to 18.4 on Wednesday. It is therefore below the 20 mark for the first time since September 2020. The number of new infections is 53 and five deaths have been recorded.

Tuesday June 8th: Another death

The corona value in Hamburg has increased minimally compared to the previous day and is 21.4. In addition, 26 new infections and one death were reported.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 76,624 people in Hamburg have tested positive for Covid-19. 1,573 of them died.

Monday, June 7th: the seven-day value falls again

On Monday, the Robert Koch Institute for the city of Hamburg reported an incidence value of 21.1. The number of new infections is 21 and another death has been recorded.