Sir David Amess Murder in Church Was A Terrorist Incident

loading… LONDON – London Metropolitan Police, English , concluded that the murder of Conservative MP Sir David Amess was an incident terrorist . The politician was stabbed several times during a gathering at the church in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, on Friday (10/15/2021). The Metropolitan Police said it was possible the attack was linked to an extremist […]

Explosion in Kandahar: death toll rises to 62

Photo: Wikimedia Commons Explosion in Kandahar mosque: death toll rises to 62 There were four suicide bombers in the mosque during Friday prayers, witnesses to the incident say. In Kandahar, Afghanistan, death toll from explosion in a shiite mosque increased to 62. About this informs Daily Sabah Friday 15 October. Bakhtar news agency writes that […]

Herault. A 77-year-old woman found beheaded in Agde, the terrorist trail is not

A 77-year-old woman was found beheaded on Wednesday October 13 in the evening in Agde (Hérault). The emergency services discovered her at her home after a call from her son, worried not to hear from him. “The perpetrator is on the run” , according to Franceinfo . “The Montpellier judicial police are in charge of […]

Mosque Attacked, 10 People While Praying Asr Died

The attack occurred while residents were praying Asr at a mosque. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, ABANKOR — Suspected gunmen reportedly killed 10 villagers in an attack on a mosque earlier this week in the Tillaberi region of western Niger. The attack in question took place in the village of Abankor, in the “Tri-Border” region, where Niger, Mali and […]

In Somalia, suicide bomber blew up a cafe with visitors

Photo: Place of terrorist attack The explosion killed at least five people. Six are injured. Nobody claimed responsibility for the attack. In the center of the Somali capital Mogadishu, a suicide bomber in a cafe detonated an explosive device. At the time of the terrorist attack, there were visitors in the room, writes Shabelle […]

Taliban to USA, we are committed against terrorists in the country – Middle East

The interim foreign minister of the Taliban government assured the US in the Doha talks that the Koranic students are committed to preventing the Afghan territory from being used by extremists to launch attacks against other countries: the political spokesman of the Taliban Suhail said. Shaheen, as reported by some US media. However, the Taliban […]

The Mother of Satan Bomb in Ciremai, 7 Km from the Settlement

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Head of Humas West Java Police Kombes Pol Erdi A Chaniago Good which is kept by terrorist prisoners on Mount Ciremai, which is about 7 kilometers from the nearest settlement. The bomb was still active when it was found and could explode even if it was only hit by a vibration. […]

This Most Wanted Terrorist Arrested Because Of Kebab Aids

loading… ALMERIA – Terrorist Britain’s most wanted is captured in Almeria, Spain. He’s been tracked down for being an avid or too fond of kebabs. Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, 31, mantan rapper The British who had left the Islamic State group were identified by the Spanish police by ear. Also read: Coma for more than 15 […]

Poso Terrorist Leader Ali Kalora Killed in Shootout

Palu, CNN Indonesia — The leader of the East Indonesia Mujahideen terrorist group (MIT) in Poso, Central Sulawesi, Ali Ahmad alias Ali Kalora died in a gun battle. They were killed in a shootout between the Madago Raya task force and members of a group on the terrorist Wanted List (DPO), in the Mountains of […]

HEADLINE: Japan Releases Terror Warning in Southeast Asia, Anticipates Indonesia?, Jakarta – Government Japan warned its citizens in Southeast Asian countries, including Indonesia, to be aware of potential terrorist attacks. In warning terror sent via email Therefore, Japanese citizens were asked to stay away from religious facilities and crowds. Quotes AP News, Japan claims to have obtained information that there is an increased risk […]