The Provincial Council takes the wood made art from Santocildes to Murias de Paredes

Within the extensive program of itinerant exhibitions around the province organized by the Department of Art and Exhibitions of the Leonés Institute of Culture (ILC) of the Diputación de León, the Interpretation Center of the Biosphere Reserve of Omaña y Luna -in Murias de Paredes- hosts the exhibition ‘The sleeping forest’, by José Antonio Santocildes. […]

El Maderal has been without a television signal for five days

Television without signal. Photo the Tim Mossholder and Pexels The town of El Maderal has been without a television signal for 5 days. This has been denounced by the municipal spokesman for the PSOE in El Maderal, Juan Luis Martín. A problem that, as the mayor relates, “is not new because it has been occurring […]

Sustainable art is worn

Beatriz Clara poses at the exhibition of the project ’49 Reasons’. | // VÍCTOR ECHAVE Works of art are not only hung on walls or visited in museums. This is how the A Coruña artist and economist Beatriz Clara, who promotes the project 49 Reasons: Art and fashion for a sustainable future, understands it. In […]

The Arriaga Theater stages ‘Heimlich Maneuver (Vomiting the 80s)’

UNOT of the most reliable first aid resources known, the holy Grail of relief is the Heimlich Maneuver, also called abdominal thrusts, a procedure used to unclog the respiratory tract, normally blocked by a piece of food or any other object . Given its effectiveness, the maneuver can also be used as a metaphor. It […]