Argentina needs a State policy that encourages fertilization to triple exports

In the week there were three connected festivities. The day of the Rural woman, which in the Neolithic created the agricultural revolution, the day of food that was enhanced with it and that of fertilizers. All three are intimately linked in the bioeconomy. Agriculture is product of the ingenuity and labor of archaic women that […]

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NASA Launches Uncrewed Plane to Study Trojan Asteroid Mission – NASA launched the space probe Lucy successfully from Cape Canaveral in Florida, Saturday, October 16, 2021 local time. Space probe Lucy will carry out its 12-year mission to study asteroids near Jupiter, the Trojan. Thus quoted from The Verge, Sunday (17/10). Furthermore, space probe Lucy is an unmanned spacecraft launched aboard the United […]

what is the best strategy to apply the third dose of the Covid vaccine

In the fight against coronavirus and with the intention of mitigating the impact of future waves, the idea of ​​applying a third dose of the vaccine In our country. The Minister of Health of the Nation, Carla Vizzotti, announced on Saturday that “it is stipulated” to have them “during the first semester of 2022.” One […]

Was she too young to be so famous

Charli D’Amelio: Was she too young to be so famous New post Charli D’Amelio: was she too young to be so famous? Charli D’Amelio: was she too young to be so famous? Charli D’Amelio: was she too young to be so famous? Charli D’Amelio: was she too young to be so famous? Charli D’Amelio: was […]

This Hospital Uses E3D Software Technology, What’s the Advantage? – Mandaya Hospital is collaborating with Aryaguna Technology to implement E3D software technology. The software technology he developed has the ability to create 3D Print prototypes. This technology is the latest breakthrough in the health sector that will provide a clear and detailed picture with visual objects that match the actual situation. That way, […]

Padang is Targeted to be Free of Rabies by 2030, 2,500 Pets Inject Vaccines – The Padang City Government (Pemko) targets the area to be free of rabies by 2030. One of the efforts to achieve this is by injecting vaccines into three types of pets, namely dogs, cats and monkeys. “The rabies vaccination is aimed at realizing the city of Padang is free of rabies by 2030,” […]