5G Smartphone Demand Increases, Samsung Releases Galaxy M52 5G

Merdeka.com – Ilham Indrawan, Product Manager Marketing, Samsung Electronics Indonesia said the demand for 5G smartphones is increasing day by day. If you look at the market data it has, there is an increase of 15 percent in the first quarter of 2021. Thus, it can be said that 5G smartphones contribute to total smartphone […]

Throughout 2021, Hundreds of Residents of Tangerang Regency are Infected with DHF

Merdeka.com – 268 residents of Tangerang Regency were recorded to be infected with the Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) virus from January to September 2021. This number is far lower than the same period before the Covid-19 pandemic which reached 1,000 cases. The Head of Disease Prevention and Control at the Tangerang District Health Office, Hendra […]

Was she too young to be so famous

Charli D’Amelio: Was she too young to be so famous New post Charli D’Amelio: was she too young to be so famous? Charli D’Amelio: was she too young to be so famous? Charli D’Amelio: was she too young to be so famous? Charli D’Amelio: was she too young to be so famous? Charli D’Amelio: was […]

Gen Z is crazy about Snapchat and Instagram

13.10.2021 (14 hours ago) Minneapolis (pte002 / 10/13/2021 / 06:05) – Snapchat and Instagram are the most popular social media platforms of Generation Z. That shows a survey by the US investment bank Piper Sandler http://pipersandler.com among 10,000 in the US Adolescents and young adults between the ages of eleven and 24. Facebook and Twitter out […]

These 2 Cryptos Are Predicted To Be Small Like Bitcoin in October 2021

GenPI.co – Amount crypto- the price is shiny entering the tenth day of October 2021. Cryptos that have emerged this month include Bitcoin, which at 12:59 WIB has broken USD 55,708 or has increased 16.03 percent in the last seven days. Reporting from the co-investment page, there are at least two other cryptocurrencies that can […]

almost half the dose is applied against Covid than a month ago

While the Government reports almost daily on the arrival of new lots of vaccines against Covid to the country, in parallel there is a reality that seems to go against the grain of that enthusiasm: according to the registry of the Public Vaccination Monitor, in the first week of October there was a strong low […]

Padang is Targeted to be Free of Rabies by 2030, 2,500 Pets Inject Vaccines

Merdeka.com – The Padang City Government (Pemko) targets the area to be free of rabies by 2030. One of the efforts to achieve this is by injecting vaccines into three types of pets, namely dogs, cats and monkeys. “The rabies vaccination is aimed at realizing the city of Padang is free of rabies by 2030,” […]