Merkel trusts Scholz to fight Corona at MPK

Et were only a few hours until Angela Merkel was to be bid farewell with a big tattoo on Thursday evening. But she has promised the Germans that she will hold the office of chancellor with full force until the last day. Firstly, Thursday was not the last, and it was also busy once again, […]

BMA appeals against individuals with pseudo-scientific arguments instilling conspiracies

The Bulgarian Medical Union is following the events of the last days with bewilderment, the discussion that is taking place “for” and “against” green certificates and the debates on what measures should be introduced to control the Covid-19 epidemic in our country. Once again, against the background of increasing pressure on the health system, against […]

Novak Djokovic taken into custody! Federal court adjourned – sport mix

More excitement in the entry thriller about tennis star Novak Djokovic (34)! The Serb now has to spend at least one day and one night in the deportation hotel Park Hotel, to which he was again admitted. The federal court adjourned to Sunday (9.30 a.m. local time). The Djokovic lawyers and the lawyer for Immigration […]

CORONAVIRUS today January 14: This is the situation

Map of cases and summary of covid-19 data in Spain, Italy, USA, China and the rest of the world The rules of the new normality and the latest news about the vaccine, in detail The coronavirus is subjecting the world to a health crisis that will mark an era. after exploding in China, the covid-19 […]

Novavax vaccine – France approves new coronavirus drug

Two recent findings from the European Medicines Agency now allow HAS to expand its COVID-19 vaccination strategy and, as a result, expand the number of drugs with the introduction of a fifth vaccine, Nuvaxovid. It was developed according to the classical technology (adjuvant protein vaccine) and can be used as a means of primary vaccination. […]

Corona up-to-date – RKI: The incidence is increasing again – Politics

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has reported an increasing incidence for the first time in a good two weeks. The value rose slightly from 315.4 on Sunday to 316.0 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants per week. Within 24 hours, 16,086 positive corona tests were reported to the RKI, 5,657 fewer than on Monday a week […]

There are only 75 free covid beds in intensive care units in Sofia

Intensive care unit. PHOTO: ARCHIVE There are only 75 vacant intensive care beds for patients with Covid-19 in Sofia. This is according to a report of the regional health authorities as of this afternoon. The capital employs 1,105 out of a total of 1,878 hospitals for patients with coronavirus. 215 of the patients are in […]