Even the pepper nut is not immune to the corona crisis | NOW

Last year’s gingerbread record will not be broken this year and not even equaled. That is the conclusion of market leader Van Delft Biscuits. Due to the corona crisis, we are doing more targeted shopping and we are more cautious with impulse purchases, such as from herb nuts, as they are officially called. “The panache […]

OVERVIEW. Stricter corona measures for sports competitions …

The Consultative Committee of the federal government and the state governments met early on Thursday evening at 8 p.m. to take tougher, additional measures in the fight against corona. The meeting ended at 12:30 am. Communication will continue on Friday morning, but these measures have already leaked out. The measures will take effect this weekend […]

Where did Czechs most often become infected with coronavirus? The data speaks for itself

Workplace, household and routine activities. These are places and activities that 60 percent of those who test positive state that they are a probable source of infection. This follows from updated data published by the Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic (ÚZIS). As the wave of community spread spreads across all […]

Various governments mainly take measures in the spor …

No, there will not be a new national lockdown. But corona-wise, the various governments are tightening their thumbscrews again. The situation in the hospitals is too serious not to intervene further, is the reasoning. The Consultation Committee therefore met earlier than expected yesterday evening and is holding a press conference this morning. Top sports competitions […]

Coronavirus, Paolo Liguori: “Hiring doctors and differentiating hospitals”

22 October 2020 09:50 The director of Tgcom24: “Spending money immediately on health care” “A lot of money must be spent immediately on health care“. So Paolo Liguori a “Itali tonighta “on the measures to be implemented as soon as possible to deal with theCoronavirus emergency. “More doctors need to be hired – explains the […]

Usa, Coronavirus: the FDA approves the Remdesivir treatment

The U.S. Food and Drugs Administration has approved Remdesivir antiviral from the pharmaceutical company Gilead as a treatment to treat Covid. This is what the Cnbc reports, recalling that in May the FDA had granted the drug an authorization for emergency use, allowing hospitals and doctors to use it on patients even without formal approval […]

This school is completely closed due to too much absent education … (Zaventem)

Zaventem – The large number of absent teachers forces the general management of the GO school group to drastically intervene in De Vleugel free primary school. The school will be temporarily closed from Friday 23 to Wednesday 28 October. The school has 350 students. Their parents now have to look for childcare in a hurry. […]

Education: Do 21 students need a building worth millions?

The two locations of the Wilhelm-Busch-Förderschule will be merged in Illertissen From Ronald hinzpeter Should a completely new building actually be built for only 21 students, which will then cost an estimated 7.2 million euros? That was what the debate on Thursday in the district committee for education, culture and sport was about. One person […]