Russia allowed simultaneous introduction of Sputnik V and influenza vaccine

Sputnik V appears to be compatible with flu drugs Studies have not shown a decrease in the immunogenicity of drugs when they are used together, according to the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. The Russian Ministry of Health approved the simultaneous introduction of the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine for influenza drugs. This was […]

Coronavirus in Ukraine – NSDC predicts over 1000 deaths daily

“We are now just starting to enter the peak of the coronavirus. The big problem today is that unvaccinated people go to hospitals. Today we have a record for deaths from COVID. This is a very dire situation. The number of people who will die from COVID can exceed a thousand. man, “he said. Danilov […]

Flemish government wants a third shot for a broad population, …

The Flemish government wants to give the general population the opportunity to receive a third dose, the so-called ‘booster shot’ of the corona vaccine. The cabinet of Prime Minister Jan Jambon announced this on Friday. The Flemish government is asking the Superior Health Council to quickly provide clarity about the booster shot, and hopes that […]

Home Deluxe: The big business of clueless customers

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Most people have been in hospitals with covid since May

Since April 20 this year, when the increase was over 3,800 cases, the number of new infections rose to 3,251 cases on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the increase was even higher and on Thursday the spread of the disease accelerated further. The number of hospitalized with covid is also increasing. As of Thursday, 771 people climbed, […]

COVID-19 infected Mayor of Pakruojis district S. Margis was hospitalized

According to Ilona Gelažnikienė, the director of the municipal administration, the mayor needed medical help from this Tuesday. According to LRT, about 10-15 more employees disrupted the agenda. “It simply came to our notice then. There are a number of people who are sick. Now we are returning from self-isolation to direct contact work at […]

The Ministry of Health has calculated how many lives were saved by vaccination

Photo: UNICEF Ukraine The pace of vaccination in Ukraine has accelerated in recent days In recent days, vaccination has saved 100-200 people from death, they say in the Ministry of Health. And in four months – 2,500. The Ministry of Health calculated that in four months, vaccination against coronavirus saved about 2.5 thousand lives. Such […]

New COVID wave on the Island: There is an uncontrollable epidemic among students

Britain was among the countries most affected by the pandemic, which managed to introduce a successful vaccination program. Almost all bans have fallen there, but the situation is starting to get worse again. The British government is closely monitoring the situation with the increasing number of COVID-19 infections. More than 43,700 new cases of infection […]

Hoteliers happy with the green certificate

The decision of the Minister of Health and the government to introduce a “green certificate” and the measures are extremely good. This was stated by the director of the Institute for Assessment and Analysis of Tourism Assoc. Prof. Rumen Draganov on the air of Bulgaria ON AIR on Bulgaria ON AIR. He expects twice as […]

Doctors are not allowed to treat Ukrainians with innovative drugs – Radutsky

The head of the parliamentary committee on the health of the nation, Mikhail Radutsky, said that doctors cannot prescribe innovative drugs that Ukraine received from the United States to COVID patients. According to him, for this it is necessary to pass a law. On Thursday, October 21, he announced this on the air talk show […]