Researchers managed to hide malicious code in AI neurons

A group of researchers at the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have managed to embed and hide malicious code directly in the artificial neurons that make up a machine learning system, reports Motherboard. The researchers were even able to embed the malicious code in as much as half of an AI model’s nodes […]

Bepc exam fraud cases: Beware of amalgamations!

On Monday July 12, a special jury began processing the alleged cases of cheating or fraud, identified during the composition of the Bepc, session 2021, mid-June. We still have to wait to see the outcome of the many complaints after the announcement of the results on July 6. Until then, a question haunts the teachers. […]

Paris Summit: the main announcements

(Official Togo) – The Paris meeting on the financing of African economies ended with, as a flagship announcement, more support from the international community towards Africa, in order to quickly defeat the pandemic. While no formal decision has been taken, several other announcements and lines of thought were adopted by all participants, according to the […]

Equities New York Outlook: A small profit to start with | 09/11/20

NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) – The price fluctuations on the US stock exchanges continue. After the price slump on the previous evening, Wall Street should start off with a small plus on Friday. Around three quarters of an hour before the start of trading, the broker IG valued the Dow Jones Industrial (Dow Jones 30 Industrial) […]

WIRECARD Jan Marsalek – the fear of certain circles of the revelation of a data octopus Munich, Zurich, Monaco, Dubai, Singapore there is hardly a topic in elite circles that is currently more polarizing. Wirecard, the Phantom Marsalek and missing millions. —————————— What is it really about? To get a COO named Jan Marsalek ( who has gone into hiding with suitcases full of cash and is searched worldwide? About […]

Jan Marsalek – Wirecard – top spy with psychopathic tendencies?

Philippines A self-proclaimed top spy dazzles and continues to play his role almost perfectly. A touch of James Bond with restricted mobility. —————————— Half the world reports on the refugee COO Jan Marsalek ( of Wirecard Aschheim. Numerous speculations about alleged agent activity and a bizarre past life of the former top mastermind are making […]

Telma Madagascar launches the first 5G services in Africa with Ericsson

(AXIAN) – TELMA Madagascar has activated its 5G commercial network to offer subscribers very high speed services thanks to the new generation of mobile connectivity. Powered by ERICSSON (NASDAQ: ERIC), the 5G network is now operational in Antananarivo. TELMA launches 5G in Madagascar and makes it the first African country to benefit from the new […]