Iran is furious, calling the US “barbaric” for the sanctions it has imposed

TEHERAN, – President Iran Hassan Rouhani accused United States of America ( AS) have committed “outrage” for causing Iran to lose 150 billion US dollars (Rp. 2,240 trillion) as a result penalty which was dropped. He expressed this on Saturday (26/09/2020) and said Iran should direct their anger towards White House. “With illegal and […]

Russia warns of military cooperation with Iran

“New opportunities will emerge in our cooperation with Iran after the special regime introduced by Resolution 2231 in the UN Security Council expires on October 18,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told Interfax news agency on Tuesday. He adds that the size of the collaboration and which areas are covered is another question. US […]

The second new wave of the corona virus, Iran entered the third wave

ILLUSTRATION. The people of Tehran City, Iran, are still on the move without heeding the protocol of maintaining distance. Reporter: SS. Kurniawan | Editor: SS Kurniawan KONTAN.CO.ID –┬áTEHERAN. The third wave of the new corona virus is rolling in the region of Tehran Province, Head of the Iran Covid-19 Handling Task Force Alireza Zali informed […]

Iran asks the world to resist US sanctions or prepare to be the next victim

loading… TEHERAN – Minister of Foreign Affairs Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif said, the world must unite to fight and reject sanctions United States (US). If not, said Zarif, then other countries must be ready to become the next victims. Zarif said the US always intimidates other countries through sanctions. He said the world must respond […]

US again imposes sanctions on Iran from nuclear deal | NOW

US President Donald Trump reintroduced all sanctions against Iran on Saturday evening (local time) and made sure that the arms embargo against the country will no longer expire in October. He has made use of this snapback, a mechanism in the deal that can be deployed if Iran does not comply with the rules. Trump […]

Iran vows to prosecute those implicated in Qassem Soleimani’s death

Tehran, Iran – The head of Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard threatened Saturday to go after all those who participated in the assassination of a prominent general in a January US drone strike in Iraq. “Mr. Trump! Our revenge for the martyrdom of our great general is obvious, serious and real “General Hossein Salami said, as […]

Iran Warns After Threatened by Trump

TEHERAN, – Iran flashed a warning after US President Donald Trump made threats, following news of the planned assassination of the ambassador in South Africa. The warning was voiced by Ali Rabiei, a spokesman for Tehran, in a statement broadcast by a local television station. “We hope they don’t make another strategic mistake. Because […]

Trump’s Rage! The promise to destroy Iran 1000 times over, what’s wrong?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – President of the United States Donald Trump promised to retaliate against every attack by Iran a thousand times greater. This promise came after reports of Iran planning revenge for the killing of top general Qasem Soleimani. A US media report, quoting an unnamed official, said that Iran had conspired to assassinate […]