The Final Farewell: Remembering Beethoven’s Funeral and Legacy

The Final Farewell: Remembering Beethoven’s Funeral and Legacy

On March 29, 1827, 1 in 10 Viennese, that is, about 20,000 mourners accompanied the coffin that carried the remains of perhaps the most human of all composers in history: Ludwig van Beethoven. After a long procession and a solemn mass in the Dreifaltigkritskirche, that is to say in the church of the Holy Trinity, […]

NASA Discovers Possible Existence of Microbial Life on Moon’s South Pole

illustration moon. ©OldakQuill / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain Reporter: Merdeka – NASA revealed that there is a possibility of the existence of living things other than humans who have been on the moon for a long time. Prabal Saxena, a researcher for NASA, said “research results so far reveal the survival ability of […]

Former Democratic Party members, Anas Urbaningrum and Angelina Sondakh, who both spent over nine years in prison for corruption scandals, are reunited upon Anas’ release on parole. Sondakh states Anas’ experience taught her about forgiveness while fighting for justice and truth. Another former Democrat, I Gede Pasek Suardika, who founded the Archipelago Awakening Party, considers Anas a leader who could unite voters in upcoming elections.

Former Indonesian Democratic Party chairman Anas Urbaningrum has been granted parole after spending over nine years in prison for corruption. Angelina Sondakh, another former party member who has also served a prison sentence for corruption, greeted him upon his release. Urbaningrum gave a speech to supporters at the prison entrance, inspiring Sondakh and others with […]

Industry’s Ideal Body Demand Addressed by Sarah Snook

Australian actress Sarah Snook has been making waves in the entertainment industry with her recent comments on the demand for “perfect” bodies in Hollywood. As an accomplished actor with a successful career to her name, Snook has chosen to speak out on this issue in order to advocate for body neutrality and inclusivity. In a […]

Explanation by Dávid Sigér on Ferencváros’ Fluctuating Performance.

Nineteen months have passed since Dávid Sigér suffered a serious injury, tearing his cruciate ligament. The 32-year-old Ferencváros midfielder recovered and returned to the green and white team, but his situation is not easy. – Recently, I was a member of the starting team in three consecutive matches, I spent almost ninety minutes on the […]