Covid-19 cases continue to decline in the Valley

The presence of Covid-19 in the ward continues to decrease. In the last week, between December 30 and January 5, 162 cases were recorded, 34 fewer than the previous week. Similarly, 34 new patients were admitted to intensive care due to the disease and only two deaths were reported.​Even so, the Secretary of Health of […]

The Chinese province reports more than 1 million cases of COVID-19 per day

In the large Chinese province of Zhejiang, located near Shanghai, about 1 million new cases of COVID-19 infection are detected every day, Reuters reported, citing the provincial government. This number is expected to double in the coming days. “Zhejiang’s peak infection is estimated to come earlier and enter a period of high levels around the […]

Covid and its impact on cancer: there will be more cases of lung, breast and colon

A report from the Ministry of Health associates a greater impact of the pandemic on lung cancer In the toughest months of the pandemic, chemotherapy sessions dropped by almost 10% The pandemic has reduced cancer visits by 12% The confinement caused by the covid epidemic stopped medical oncology visits by 12%, and this has important […]

Covid: sharp increase in cases in the last 7 days

The curve of covid cases continues to grow in Argentina. This afternoon the Ministry of Health reported that in the last week there have been registered 62,261 positive cases, which means a 130 percent increase, and 39 deaths. Faced with this scenario, the Health portfolio reiterated the importance of maintaining the application of booster dose […]

A husband beat and tried to rape his wife for…

A husband attacked and beat his wife in their apartment in Plovdiv. The ugly scenes occurred on the night of December 13-14, Deputy District Attorney Atanas Iliev announced during a briefing. According to him, the beating was accompanied by an attempted rape. All of this happened in the presence of their 5-year-old twin boys. At […]

The number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Japan ranks first in the world for two consecutive weeks Tokyo Metropolitan Government has raised the alert level

Share on WeChat Open WeChat, click “Discovery” below,Use “scan” to share the webpage to Moments. Economic news in China 2022-11-18 09:44:10 Responsible editor: Zhu Mengyun The latest statistics on the new coronary pneumonia epidemic released by the World Health Organization show that in the week of November 7 to 13, the number of new confirmed […]