Antwerp hospital recalls nearly 100 patients after disinfection error

The hospital discovered in October that an error had been made in maintaining a device that controls an endoscope disinfection bath. Lhe Antwerp Saint-Vincent hospital of the GZA group sent a letter to around 100 patients inviting them to come for a blood test. Patients are at risk of infection as a result of an […]

Antwerp hospital recalls 110 patients after disinfection error

<!– | Published on 1/5/2021 9:19 PM All affected patients have reportedly received a letter from the hospital inviting them to undergo a blood test. **** ** *** ******** *** ***** ********* *** ************ ************* ********** ***** ** *** ******** ****** **** ** ********* ** ************* ** ********* **************** *************** *** ********** *** *** ********** […]

20 books to remember from 2020

Good luck, by Rosa Montero This existential thriller tells a story about the fear of living and how to learn to overcome it, a novel starring a woman and a man whose lives intersect in a dying town in southern Spain. Frankenstein’s mother, by Almudena Grandes Fifth installment of the Episodes of an endless war. […]

Boeing partner called the timing of the restoration of aircraft production :: Business :: RBK

Aircraft corporations, forced to halve the volume of orders due to the coronavirus, plan to return to increasing production from July 2021. Sergey Stepanov, general director of VSMPO-Avisma, said this in an interview with RBC. Фото: Jason Redmond / Reuters Several global aircraft manufacturers plan to increase aircraft production by 15-20% from July 2021, said […]

Lebanon. France reminds Lebanese political forces of their commitments

The different Lebanese political forces must honor ” as quickly as possible “ their commitments by promoting the formation of a new government, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Monday, while the Lebanon struggling to complete the formation of a new cabinet in 24 hours from the cut-off date initially planned. “The priority […]

76th anniversary of the Landing. “Together we remember”

June 6, 2020 Dear friends, Each year soldiers from all branches of the American army stand alongside their friends and Allies during commemoration ceremonies dedicated to the thousands of brave soldiers who fought on the five landing beaches to liberate France from the Nazi occupation. Unfortunately, this year, the Covid-19 epidemic will affect US military […]