where are the ‘mini-radars’ and the hours and roads to avoid

The first Operation Exit of this summer begins. The interior of Spain burns with temperatures that widely exceed 30ºC and in everyone’s mind there is only one idea: holidays to flee from the heat in any place with sea. Thus, from the early afternoon of this Friday, the large cities have begun to empty of […]

The heat wave suffocates Spain with temperatures of up to 45º C

The second heat wave of summer does not let up and intensifies this Thursday with temperatures that will reach 45 degreesas reported by the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), which has warned of very high values ​​in most of the Peninsula and Mallorca, with warnings for sweltering heat in all the autonomous communities, except in the […]

Learn how to avoid disease during flood season – Metro World News Brasil

OR summer is marked by heavy rain which they often cause floods and floods In this context, several diseases transmitted by contact with polluted waters appear, like leptospirosis, caused by contact with rat urine. The proliferation of cases of dengue, zica and chikungunya, diseases transmitted by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, is also a growing concern […]

Facebook account hacked – the counter is still running – the Internet

Good morning, I was a victim of a hacking my facebook account but usually very cautious.I don’t know how they got into my account.Initially, a number of “Daesh”-type publications were published.Facebook was relatively responsive by blocking my account within hours of these posts.So I reset my password.FaceBook took care of deleting all these posts and […]

This ship carrying 9 million gold sank in 1875, its shipwreck was finally

Tuesday 13 December 2022 7.30pm … 1 The steamer SS Pacific collided with the Orpheus and sank near Cape Flattery, USA in 1975. © Photo: Wikimedia Commons The Pacific is a steamer that sank in the Pacific Ocean in 1875, on the current western border between Canada and the United States. There were more than […]