WHO announced the lowest COVID death rate in the world in almost a year

Worldwide COVID mortality at lowest level in almost a year – WHO Mortality from coronavirus is declining in all regions except Europe. At the same time, the highest mortality rate is in the regions with the least access to vaccines. Coronavirus mortality is at its lowest in nearly a year. About it stated WHO chief […]

Boeing will continue behind Airbus. This year he added half of the aircraft to me

In addition to the coronavirus crisis, Boeing’s problems were mainly due to the long-term flight of its 737 MAX aircraft. Boeing was not allowed to renew the delivery of this aircraft until November 2020 and is only slowly increasing its production. In addition, Boeing also limited the delivery of the 787 Dreamliner due to technical […]

Japan intends to start vaccination with third dose in winter

Japan plans to start vaccination with third dose in December The authorities will finance the vaccination campaign and make sure that it goes smoothly, the prime minister said. Japan is planning to begin COVID vaccination with a third dose in December. About it informs Kyodo News on Tuesday 12 October. “We will be preparing to […]

Created clothes that change size along with the fat owner

Photo: dailymail.co.uk Clothes that change size along with the fat owner The outfit adapts to changes in the size of its owner. However, such wardrobe items are not affordable for everyone. Hunza G and Frame have created a versatile fit line. Invented things change along with the complexion of their owner who is getting fat […]

The Covid-19 vaccine reduces hospitalization and death by up to 90%, according to study

First modification: 11/10/2021 – 23:48 A study conducted in France showed that the Covid-19 vaccine is highly effective in preventing severe cases, including the Delta variant. This research, which confirms evidence from other studies, is the largest of its kind to date, with 22 million case studies and offers encouraging results in the fight against […]

Merck is seeking approval for an anti-covid-19 drug in the United States

If approved, molnupiravir would become the first administered powder approved for the treatment of covid-19, CNN. The decision should be made within a few weeks. Merck and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics is currently applying for permission to use the drug to treat infected people who are at risk of a more severe covid-19 or hospitalization. This was […]

Do not underestimate what is probably the last wave of the pandemic

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Corona ticker: seven-day incidence higher than it has been for almost three weeks

08:39 am | New Zealand leads Compulsory vaccination for employees in health and education The New Zealand government has announced that health care workers and teachers will be vaccinated. Education Secretary Chris Hipkins said you can’t leave anything to chance. He is also responsible for corona crisis management in the cabinet of Prime Minister Jacinda […]

Shmyhal named a threat to GDP growth

Photo: Press Service of the Cabinet of Ministers Denis Shmygal listed the growth factors of the Ukrainian economy So far, the government proceeds from an optimistic forecast of economic growth, the Prime Minister explained. Ukraine’s GDP growth in 2021 should be 4%. But this could be prevented by the next wave of the COVID-19 coronavirus […]