“Why COVID Vaccination Rates Are Falling After WHO Declares End of Emergency”

SUBSCRIBERS EXCLUSIVE After the WHO declared the end of the health emergency, the daily vaccination rate fell by almost half. Mortality is still four times that of the flu. On May 5, the World Health Organization declared the end of the emergency by the Covid after more than three years of pandemic. Two days earlier, […]

“WHO Warns of Potential Pandemic: The Emergence of ‘Disease X'”

Jakarta – The World Health Organization (WHO) is now warning of the emergence of ‘Disease X’, namely a disease that is not yet known, but has the potential to become a pandemic. Some experts even highlight that this disease has the potential to be more fatal than COVID-19. Some public health experts believe that disease […]

“The WHO Warns of Potential Pandemics, Including ‘Disease X'”

Jakarta – The World Health Organization (WHO) recently warned countries around the world of the potential emergence of pathogens that could cause new pandemics in the future, following COVID-19. WHO then urged countries to prepare. “The next pandemic will not wait for us. We must be ready,” stressed WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus quoted […]

“Disease X: The Next Potential Pandemic Warned by WHO in Jakarta”

Jakarta – The World Health Organization (WHO) is warning the public about the emergence of the next pandemic. Several infectious diseases have now become a priority for WHO to treat, one of which is referred to as ‘Disease X’. In this case, Disease X is defined as an unknown disease but has the potential to […]

“Boosting Bavarian Children’s Clinics: Increased Funds for Better Patient Care”

crew Battered by the pandemic: more money for children’s clinics in Bavaria In many places, the children’s clinics were overloaded in autumn and winter – in Bavaria they should be helped with more money. “The investments are to be used, for example, for the short-term procurement of further monitors, the establishment of a patient monitoring […]