‘Of the theater and other ills…’

By ANTONIO ILLAN ILLAN TOLEDO Updated:01/22/2022 12:22h Keep Related Reviews Of the theater and other evils… that lie in wait for the corrals It is a completely “morboric” show, which summarizes a style, an aesthetic, a way of interpreting, saying, moving and staging that is very typical of this group that already has thirty-five years […]

New black record: Another 11,181 COVID patients, 24.3% of those tested. 91 died

Staff: The single information portal A new black record was set by the statistics of Bulgarians suffering from coronavirus. In the last 24 hours, another 11,181 have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, the Unified Information Portal said. This is 1185 people more than the previous day. The tests performed were 45,956, which means that the percentage […]

Slavi’s MP is preparing a spectacular scandal in the parliament

Prof. Andrey Chorbanov Prof. Andrey Chorbanov will enter without a certificate despite the decision of the other MPs. But he has a document The MP from “There is such a people” Prof. Andrey Chorbanov intends to cause a scandal by entering the National Assembly without a green certificate. He announced this intention on Nova TV. […]

Our famous sculptor died in the USA

Mikhail Simeonov in Paris On the eve of the New Year at the age of 92, the sculptor Mikhail Simeonov, who emigrated there a long time ago, died in the United States. The talented artist became famous with the casting of an elephant in front of the UN and with the statuettes of Paisii Hilendarski […]

What was the biggest political lie of the year 2021? | Others

Republican Lies About What Happened During The Jan.6 Capitol Storming Win The Title, According To PolitiFact In a year in which conspiracy theories abounded and false information about important things, such as the coronavirus and vaccines, was widely circulated, it is difficult to determine what was the biggest lie of 2021. However, the political fact-checking […]

South Africa: The evening is falling, the wave of omicron is passing

A healthcare worker takes a PCR test in Johannesburg. PHOTO: Reuters Against the backdrop of timid and canceled celebrations to welcome 2022 due to the proliferation of the omicron option, encouraging news is coming from South Africa. The country, where the highly mutated new variant was isolated for the first time, announced that the wave […]

New peak: 3449 COVID patients in 24 hours, 2214 more than yesterday. 162 died

3449 or 2214 more than yesterday are the new patients from COVID-19 for the last 24 hours. This is shown by the data of the Unified Information Portal. The tests performed were 36,449, which means that the percentage of positive ones is 9.4. There were 162 deaths, of which 150 were unvaccinated or with an […]

Medicines with synthetic antibodies ineffective against Omicron

Infected with Omicron, less often in hospital, but there are already victims PHOTO: Pixay Some of the drugs used with synthetic antibodies have proved ineffective against the new, more contagious strain of Omicron, according to a statement from the French Agency for Research on AIDS, Viral Hepatitis and New Infectious Diseases, quoted by AFP. Preliminary […]