Shadow skirmishes in Pokémon GO: Tasks, phases and rewards

These are all the details of the Team GO Rocket Shadow Skirmishes special research in Pokémon GO. Complete all the tasks and stages to earn these rewards. shadow skirmishes is the name given to one of the many special investigations of Pokmon GO that we can receive in our daily. This mission is directly related […]

Apple admits a problem with the “iPhone 14 Pro”. Get to know it

Apple finally admitted that there was a problem that some users of the iPhone 14 Pro phones faced about a month ago, confirming that it is currently working to solve the problem. And the American company acknowledged, in a new note, that users of the “iPhone 14 Pro” may see flashing horizontal lines on their […]

Pokémon GO announces the February 2023 Noibat Community Day and its details

Recently Niantic, the parents of the popular mobile game Pokmon GOhave made official the presentation of the Community Day what will take place next month of february 2023 in Spain and all over the world. We already know that the Pokémon that will star in said event will be Noibat, el Pokmon Onda Snica; a […]

Here we go!Romano:Verona striker Simeone Jr. will join Naples_Serie A_Simeone_Romano

2022-08-11 20:44 source:Live it – – Original title: Here we go!Romano: Verona striker Simeone will join Napoli Here we go!Romano: Verona striker Simeone will join Napoli Live it, August 11. According to Italian reporter Romano, Naples has reached a comprehensive agreement with Verona on the introduction of Giovanni Simeone, and the player will soon sign […]