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The infectologist Eduardo López thinks of a “universal vaccination” after six months

Eduardo Lopez, member of the committee of specialists that advises the President on Covid-19, Alberto Fernandez, he slipped that, sooner rather than later, the problem of “universal vaccination” against this virus should be addressed. The infectology specialist suggested that it is not unreasonable to start inoculation “from six months” of age. “There is a very […]

Puigdemont goes to the cinema in Paris

ATLAS SPAIN Updated:09/17/2021 08:57h Keep After that session in Strasbourg, Puigdemont traveled to Paris to attend the premiere of a documentary on the process. He was seen in a movie theater in the French capital where the Canadian-produced documentary was screened. Upon leaving, he made statements to the media but did not want to comment […]

Midwives will receive a bonus of 100 euros and salary increases from January

Midwives working in hospital will receive from January a bonus of 100 euros net and a salary increase of about 100 euros gross per month, announced Thursday the Ministry of Health. These revaluations, which will be included in the Social Security budget for 2022, will represent an additional expenditure of 40 million euros per year, […]

Zelensky is going to the session of the UN General Assembly

Preparing the President’s visit to New York – Nikiforov The head of state may leave for the United States again at the end of September. His program is still unknown. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy plans to travel to American New York at the end of September. This could happen during general debates and high-level meetings […]

Rüdiger Höfken on a hiking tour in Trier and Luxembourg

September 2, 2021 at 1:18 pm Höfken wanders : In the footsteps of the ancient Romans In the middle of our tour is the natural monument “Genoveva Cave”, which can be entered via steps carved into the sandstone. Photo: Rüdiger Höfken Serie Krefeld Today we dare to venture further out. Instead of a day tour […]

Pokémon GO: September 2021 Events; new season, raids, schedules and more

We are already approaching September 2021 and Pokmon GO, Niantic’s mobile title, is ready to present its news. The company has announced a lot of new events, changes to the game, Pokémon that will debut for the first time and even new features and the beginning of a new themed Season. Next we tell you […]

The IES San José will be subject to reform as of September | Villanueva

IES San José in Villanueva de la Serena. / TODAY IMPROVEMENTS It will have an elevator in the area where the training cycles are taught, as well as the waterproofing of roofs and the replacement of the porch floor in the main building. The IES San José de Villanueva de la Serena will be subject […]

Turkey floods after heavy rains

Photo: Telegram Heavy rains cause flooding in Turkey The Arhavi River overflowed its banks – the regional center and rural roads were flooded. Search and rescue operations are underway. Floods began in northeastern Turkey in the provinces of Rize and Artvin. This was announced by the country’s Emergency Management Department on Thursday, July 22. “Today, […]