Central Kalimantan Police Apologizes IG Admin Calls Netizens to Police Headquarters

Jakarta – Police public relations instagram account Central Kalimantan (Central Kalimantan) is in the spotlight on social media. Because, the admin of the account attacked a netizen via direct message (DM) on Instagram. A screenshot of the DM from the Central Kalimantan Police’s public relations account also circulated on Twitter. In the DM, it was […]

Viral ‘Sultan’ Wedding, Bride Wears 60 Kg Gold Necklace

Photo: saostar.vn Jakarta – Most people want to look optimal and stunning at their own wedding. For the bride, using accessories and jewelry can be one way to support the appearance. But different from most people, this one bride chose to wear unmitigated jewelry, weighing up to 60 kg. Reporting from saostar.vn, the Chinese bride […]

Viral HKBP Balige Hospital Destroyed-Nakes Persecuted, Perpetrators Arrested!

Medan – A video showing the commotion ending destruction at HKBP Balige Hospital, North Sumatra (North Sumatra), viral on social media (social media). The police intervened and arrested the culprit. View detik.com on Tuesday (12/10/2021), in the video, a number of young men came to the reception of the hospital. At first the men were […]

Viral Preman Extortion of Security Money in Jambi, Shocking Facts

Jambi – Video shows a man asking a truck driver for security money in Jambi viral on social media. What are the real facts? View detik.com, Tuesday (12/10/2021), in the viral video, a man in a red shirt using a white motorcycle stops in front of a truck. The man on the motorbike then knocked […]

(Free Fire) Viral Dodger Stadium FF, Inilah Detail Event-nya!

A Baseball stadium called Dodger in America became the center of conversation for the players Free Fire. The reason is, the players are looking for the year about the event that will be held by Garena as a publisher. You could say, Garena always spoils its players by presenting content updates and events in the […]