740 participants in the mega march through the city

July 19, 2021 at 5:10 am 740 participants started in Mönchengladbach : 50 kilometers mega march through the city During the mega march through Mönchengladbach, the aim was to cover 50 kilometers in twelve hours. 740 participants started. However, not all of them reached their destination at Nordpark. Photo: Rick, Mark (rick)/Markus Rick (rick) Mönchengladbach […]

70 percent vaccinated in New York

70 percent of adults in New York have had at least one corona shot. All remaining restrictions will now be lifted. Andrew Cuomo, New York State Governor, speaks at a press conference. – dpa-infocom GmbH Ad the essentials in brief New York lifts all remaining corona restrictions. 70 percent of adults have received at least […]

In France, a man with a screwdriver attacked passers-by

Photo: ouest-france.fr The attacker wounded one passer-by in the chest, after which he began to aim at the throat of other passers-by. In the center of the French city of Nantes, a man armed with a screwdriver attacked passers-by. As a result of the incident, four people were injured. On Friday, June 4, the newspaper […]

Joe Biden targets “ghost weapons” and announces measures to stop the killings

The president of USA, Joe Biden, will announce this Thursday a package of measures aimed at controlling the rampant violence by Firearms in the country. And the sights are set especially on the “ghost weapons”. These are homemade guns that cannot be traced because they are sold without serial numbers or information to identify their […]

Roger Federer rules out retirement and points to Wimbledon

Roger Federer, who returns to the slopes next week in Doha, assured that his objective is be 100% for Wimbledon And that will be there when the season really begins for him. Djokovic equaled Federer in weeks as world number 1 Read more The Swiss, who has not competed officially since the Australian Open semi-finals […]

Origin of the Covid-19 virus: the trail of mink farming

The Covid-19 crisis has demonstrated that the pandemic preparedness plans drawn up until then were not enough to contain their planetary expansions. In order to really prevent this type of emergence, it is absolutely essential to develop these strategies before viruses start to develop in humans, that is to say in the animal compartment and […]

Myanmar aims to get COVID vaccine Apr ’19

16 December 2020 116 “Myanmar” aims to get COVID vaccine in April ’64 after joining the COVAX program With the World Health Organization Expected first lot of vaccine 3% Dr. Myintawe Minister of HealthMyanmar Revealed that the government planned to injectCOVID-19 vaccine To nearly 20% of the population of 54.4 million people from April 2021 […]

Prime Minister of Denmark cries and apologizes for managing the mink crisis

JN / Agencies Today at 13:56 Visibly moved, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen apologized on Thursday for managing the country’s mink crisis. The government decreed the slaughter of more than 15 million animals, after a mutation of the new coronavirus was found on farms, recognizing, later, that it had no legal basis to do so. […]