20 years 9/11: “ZIB 2 History” from New York

September 10 at 10:25 p.m., followed by “Terror after Ferdinand von Schirach” Vienna (OTS) – On September 11th it was exactly 20 years ago that the terrorist attacks on the USA, later simply referred to as “9/11”, shook the world and changed it forever. The ORF presents a large multimedia focus (details at presse.ORF.at). On […]


New York (ots/PRNewswire) – THE BRAND ANNOUNCES LONG-TERM GOALS FOR 2030 TO REDUCE ITS IMPACT ON THE ENVIRONMENT AND COMMITS TO ADVANCE THE DEVELOPMENT OF RECYCLING TECHNOLOGIES IN THE MAKEUP INDUSTRY Maybelline New York, the world’s leading cosmetics brand, presents its sustainability program Conscious Together that aims to create a more responsible business model that […]

WK Wien: Viennese companies are increasingly relying on e-mobility

E-mobility online guide from WK Wien helps to promote the fleet conversion in the company. 13,000 hits since the start. Vienna (OTS) – Statistics Austria presented the number of new car registrations including e-vehicles for 2021 yesterday. In Vienna, companies accounted for almost 90 percent of new registrations of e-vehicles. “This shows that the economy […]

List of Foods that Cause Acne, Should be Avoided

7. White Bread White bread is made of refined carbohydrates. These types of foods can speed up the aging process of the skin and cause more severe acne. Other types of refined carbohydrates as acne-causing foods that need to be avoided include oatmeal, pretzels, pasta, and cereals. Replacing white bread with whole wheat bread can […]

BETTERHOMES 2021 with historic record results

Zurich (ots) – The Swiss real estate agent BETTERHOMES increased the transaction volume compared to the previous year Combination of technology and local expertise as a success driver Further Europe-wide expansion planned for 2022 For BETTERHOMES, the largest independent Swiss real estate agent, 2021 was the 16th and most successful business year to date since […]

A Really Black Friday and Thankskiffing in New York (PHOTO)

Munich (ots) – Carmen, Robert, Davina and Shania are back with new double episodes Germany’s most famous millionaire family starts its 20th season in America From January 3, 2022, every Monday, 8:15 p.m. on RTLZWEI At the start of the new episodes, the family will first be drawn to the USA, where luxury shopping in […]

This is how Twitch is downloaded on television

Archive image.EUROPA PRESS The streaming content platform has become a claim to consume on large screens It is necessary to be registered in the application to be able to access any content If you can download the platform on a Smart TV or link devices according to the operating system Twitch is one of the […]