The world has a baby boom among pandas in a year

Photo: frame from video The world is seeing an increase in the birth rate among pandas Almost seven hundred individuals of these animals now live in zoos and special centers in different countries. In China, scientists have reported that the world’s panda population has increased over the past year. This is stated in the TSN […]

The centers will be able to give sign language to favor inclusion

bernardo corral The Ministry of Education will give the autonomous communities the possibility to include the Sign Language subject in 4th grade of Secondary in order to “reinforce inclusion”. It is one of the novelties included in the draft Royal Decree that establishes the minimum education that a student must study in Secondary, from 12 […]

Cooling centers and shelters in and around Chicago – Telemundo Chicago

During dangerous weather conditions in the summer, it is important to find a safe and cool place as high temperatures and humidity could put your life at risk if you do not prevent in advance. The city of Chicago has different cooling centers which serve as a refuge if you do not have air conditioning. […]

Two centers from León will launch the pilot plan of the Board with books …

Next academic year, the Gumersindo de Azcárate school in the Leonese capital and the Boñar institute will launch the Board’s pilot program for digital books, which, as the Minister of Education, Rocío Lucas explained in León, is about texts «totally adaptable and customizable to cater for diversity »in the core subjects of Language and Mathematics. […]

Valchev issued an order for online education of students from 5th to 12th grade in Sofia

The Minister of Education and Science Krassimir Valchev For students from 5th to 12th grade in all schools and centers for support of personal development on the territory of Sofia-city, to organize distance learning in an electronic environment through the use of information and communication technologies, starting from 12 March to March 26 inclusive. This […]

C / San Diego, 10 | Valladolid City Council Website

C / San Diego, 10 | Valladolid City Council Website Dates Start date of a traffic incident 25 January 2021 Estimated end date of a traffic incident Type of incident for traffic cuts MOVE Scope of a traffic cut Traffic cut Copyright 2020 – Valladolid City Council .

Pandemic Adapted Warming Centers Available in Our Area – Telemundo New York (47)

The tri-state area will soon be hit by cold temperatures and the first snowflakes of the season in the northern regions, which can be dangerous especially for the elderly, homeless and families without heating in their homes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that, on average, at least 1,000 people die each […]

Where to safely report domestic abuse in NYC? – Telemundo New York (47)

Domestic violence is a scourge that not only impacts women, but also men and children. Fear of reporting, financial and housing challenges, immigration status, and language barriers are factors faced by those who suffer emotional, physical, and sexual abuse every day. Recent statistics released by the NYPD show that there were more murders related to […]