“8 Helpful Tips for Controlling Diabetes with Healthy Eating Habits”

Written by Mervat Rashad Friday, May 26, 2023 09:00 AM If you are injured with diabetes The primary goal is to keep your blood sugar under control, and in this case it requires you to make healthy choices. While there is no common diet that works for everyone, there are a few things to keep […]

“5 Satisfying Foods for Your Weight Loss Journey”

Written by Mervat Rashad Thursday, May 25, 2023 10:00 PM When it comes to achieving ideal weight loss, simply reducing food intake is not enough. Simply eating less food can deprive your body of the vital nutrients it needs to function properly. hunger As you crave more food, sudden hunger pangs are often the reason […]

“7 Foods to Incorporate into Your Diet for Effective Weight Loss”

Written by Mervat Rashad Friday, May 26, 2023 05:00 AM if you want to Weight loss, You need to follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and incorporate certain foods into your diet to help your body burn fat faster. Here is the full list for healthy weight loss, according to what was published by the […]

Do you have insomnia? – Five foods that can be… “to blame”!

Have you noticed that you can’t sleep? Here, your diet may be “to blame” if you fall asleep and wake up several times during the night. Many assume that insomnia is mainly due to restless and persistent thoughts. Sometimes it is like that, but more often it is a matter of keeping a schedule and […]

“5 Iron-Rich Food Alternatives to Spinach: Signs and Symptoms of Iron Deficiency”

Written by Mervat Rashad Sunday, May 21, 2023 09:00 PM Iron is an essential mineral that helps maintain various bodily functions, including the production of hemoglobin. If your body lacks iron, it may increase your risk of developing hemoglobin. Anemia and other blood-related issues. While several factors can contribute to low levels of iron in […]

The lack of fuel and food keeps Cuba from the official goal of 3.5 million tourists

(EFE) Cuba received 1.6 million international travelers in 2022 and fell below the goal of 1.7 million -which started from a readjustment of the initial forecast of 2.5 million-, according to the National Office of Statistics and Information ( Onei). Although more international tourists came than in 2021 (356,470), the figure is far from the […]

“Maintaining Healthy Triglyceride Levels: Tips and Information”

Written by Mervat Rashad Thursday, April 20, 2023 01:00 PM Triglyceride A type of fat found in the blood. Most body fat is triglycerides because it is unused calories. Triglycerides in the blood help transfer fat from one tissue to another and glucose in the blood from the liver. By eating foods rich in fat […]

“Development, Territory Reorganization, and Bank Credit: A Book on Dialética Impresión”

Development, Reorganization of the Territory and Bank Credit Rubens Humberto Costa Teixeira Development, Territory Reorganization and Bank Credit Dialética Impresión bajo demand. It arrives in 14 days. Pages: 2… Store Data Mandrake Books General bookstore. All the news. Variety of selected offers. We have premises in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. Address: Rioja 1869. Telephone: +54(341) […]