Create a Clean Environment for Dengue Fever Free, Take These 5 Preventions – Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever or DHF is a disease that often appears in Indonesia. This disease originates from the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito infected with dengue. In mosquitoes, the virus is incubated for 8 to 10 days. After incubation, if a mosquito bites a healthy person, that person will contract dengue fever. […]

22 Residents in Bambanglipuro are Positive Covid-19, the Task Force will Increase Tracing – 22 people in Kembangan-Kutu Padukuhan, Sumbermulyo Village, Bambanglipuro District, Bantul, DIY tested positive for Covid-19. As a follow-up to these findings, the Covid-19 Task Force in Bambanglipuro District has intensified tracing. Panewu (Head) of Bambanglipuro, Lukas Sumanasa said that there were 106 close contacts who underwent PCR tests. These 106 people consist of […]

When to do an antibody test

Immunoglobulin D and gamma-interferon levels provide a relatively accurate picture of immune protection, but should be evaluated by a specialist. Drink two glasses of water before the test to prevent discomfort when taking blood After being vaccinated or having COVID-19, many want to know if they are already vulnerable to the virus. The body builds […]

Here are 4 Tips to Avoid Diabetes During WFH, JAKARTA – A pandemic that causes people to have a lot of activities at home and also work from home (WFH), can cause blood sugar or diabetes to get out of control. Endocrinologist Dr. Altamash Shaikh reveals it is very important to manage your diabetes while working from home. Unfortunately WFH has a negative […]

Don’t Ignore Routine Immunization of Children Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic – The COVID-19 pandemic also has an impact on children’s immunization schedules. Not a few parents are hesitant to take their children to the hospital or health center for immunization for fear of contracting a virus that has infected millions of people around the world. Immunization is an important health service to protect vulnerable […]

Tired of quarantine: in Germany, a man set fire to the mayor’s office

Photo: dpa In Germany, a man set fire to the mayor’s office The fire damaged the tourist information desk, but prevented further fire from spreading. In the city of Delmenhorst (Germany), a 30-year-old man set fire to the mayor’s office. He told the police that he was tired of quarantine restrictions. It is reported by […]

AIS recommends guidelines for E-Waste disposal to keep personal information safe.

Currently, the e-waste disposal project Began to expand to a wider area. In particular, the addition of E-Watse disposal points in more than 2,300 locations, including the opening of E-Waste disposal through the postman. Of course, on the consumer’s side, there are steps that should be taken before taking E-Watse to be as safe as […]

A campaign to prevent pedophile impulses

“Can’t you see her? “, asks an illustrated poster of a little girl swimming. Without shocking, the image calls out. And directs: ” Are you attracted to children? Look no further, a professional can help you: 0 806 23 10 63. ยป A national campaign is launched targeting people sexually attracted to children. They direct […]