Covid-19: why it is possible to get it again – Health

The current wave of infections covid-19, with record numbers exceeding two million cases daily, is causing enormous pressure across the planet. People have not been able to identify the difference between the symptoms caused by this new strain (the omicron), the viral picture of the common cold and the flu-like manifestations of previous variants. (Keep […]

Children’s books reinforce gender stereotypes, study found

The study published this Thursday by the journal Psychological Science showed, after an analysis of more than 200 storybooks, that passive verbs were used more frequently to describe actions of female characters. Likewise, the research proved that works with female protagonists were more likely to have sexist language. Some of the stereotypes that have been […]

Brexit ǀ “Global Talent”? A joke! – Friday

It was one of those campaigns. In May, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that Oscar and Nobel Prize winners would be granted an accelerated visa procedure for Great Britain. As was to be expected, the government’s efforts to attract international elites in science and culture as figureheads went to a superflop. Interior Minister […]

La Jornada – IP supports Mexico for car tax credits in the US

Mexico City. The spirit of economic cooperation between Mexico and the United States may be shattered if the tax credit plan for electric cars is approved by the Congress of the neighboring country to the north, private initiative organizations said. The confederations of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Concanaco-Servytur) and Industrial Chambers (Concamin) […]

Consumer advocates can sue Facebook

ECJ opinion Consumer advocates can sue Facebook Updated: 12/02/2021, 1:46 PM The Facebook logo is reflected in one eye. Photo: dpa Without a specific mandate from those affected against data protection violations, consumer advocates can sue Internet giants like Facebook. Luxembourg. On the question of whether consumer associations are allowed to take data protection violations […]

What should I do if the cashier keeps my credit card

The use of credit cards is more and more common, getting to unseat cash. Both to pay in establishments and shops and to withdraw cash from the ATM, life is no longer conceived without carrying at least one of these plastics in your wallet. Using credit cards is a gesture that is always accompanied by […]

Suspend travel from South African countries

Brussels (dpa) – Because of the spread of a new, possibly more dangerous variant of the corona virus, the EU Commission wants to limit travel from southern Africa to the EU to an absolute minimum. EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced on Twitter that the Brussels authority will propose to the EU states […]