The Tour Faces Postponement as Helene Fischer Sustains Injury

Concerts in Bremen & Cologne Helene Fischer injured – These concerts will be postponed Updated: 03/21/2023 13:57 | Reading time: 3 minutes This is Helene Fischer This is Helene Fischer The world-famous hit queen Helene Fischer will release her eighth album in 2020. Here are the most important facts about the world star. show description […]

“Examining KONG – Traders Of Truth: A Comprehensive Review”

19.03.2023 | 10:05 Instrumental, modern, progressive and experimental. Admittedly, these attributes apply to all albums by the quadraphonic Dutchmen, who particularly impressed me with their live performances in the 90s. The musicians play from the four corners of a room, all around the audience, which is a completely new experience and makes the listener focus […]

Ticketing giant Ticketmaster offers refunds to fans amidst dispute with The Cure

In a surprising turn of events, Ticketmaster, the world’s largest ticketing company, has announced that it will offer refunds to fans who purchased tickets for The Cure’s shows this year. This move comes after a dispute between the band and Ticketmaster over the resale of tickets for the band’s upcoming tour. The Cure’s frontman Robert […]

Korn on tremors and fatigue: Serious words about the end of his career –

After more than 30 years, Jiří Korn embarked on a spectacular solo show. “It’s an exceptional experience, and at the end of the concert, the audience shows it to us. I have people around me who really know the profession, and the dancers on stage are absolutely stunning, the background is fabulous,” the singer praises […]

In US, 3rd person injured in stampede at rap concert dies

The third of several people injured in an accident died stampede which occurred after a rap concert in NY over the weekend, police said Thursday. Aisha Stephensa 35-year-old Syracuse resident, was the only person still hospitalized after a Sunday night concert by the rap stars GloRilla y Finesse2tymes at the Rochester Main Street Armory. He […]

He is “one of the leading anti-Semites”. Frankfurt cancels Roger Waters concert

The operators of the multi-purpose hall in Frankfurt, Germany canceled the planned concert of the British musician Roger Waters. They did so by pointing out, in their view, the anti-Semitic views of a former member of the band Pink Floyd, who has recently drawn attention to himself by verbally supporting Russia in the war with […]