Consola Microsoft Xbox One S 500gb Mas Disco Duro, VII Maule

Description For sale 500GB Xbox One S ConsoleThe reader works well, I almost never use it, to watch some movies I use it a couple of timesThe internal hard drive works fine tooThis console does not heat upYou can download the games while it is turned offAlso includes the HDMI cable and power cable=====================================================================I include […]

Created clothes that change size along with the fat owner

Photo: Clothes that change size along with the fat owner The outfit adapts to changes in the size of its owner. However, such wardrobe items are not affordable for everyone. Hunza G and Frame have created a versatile fit line. Invented things change along with the complexion of their owner who is getting fat […]

Cansino’s vaccine is closer to receiving the OK from the WHO than Sputnik V

Doctors repeat that “the best vaccine it is the one that applies ”. The phrase (correct) encourages vaccination beyond one, in order to boost herd immunity. But the reality of Covid imposes other roughnesses: many vaccinated with Sputnik and with Cansino they are restless about the lack of international endorsement of those doses, which could […]

why the most sought-after vaccine in the US today is not approved in Argentina

The possibility of the United States preventing From November the income of people vaccinated with Sputnik V It accelerated the concern of a part of the Argentines who took out a plane ticket to fly to that country in the remaining period and access the simplest safe-conduct: a dose of Johnson & Johnson as an […]

In Berdyansk, a homeless woman found a large sum and returned it to the owner

Photo: Homeless woman returned the found money to the owner The woman tracked down the owner in order to return him an accidentally discarded bag of money. However, he thanked the woman with only 100 hryvnia. In the city of Berdyansk, Zaporozhye region, a homeless woman found a package of 110 thousand hryvnias in […]

Ukrainian killed in road accident in Poland

Photo: One of the Ukrainians died on the spot There were two more people in the car, also citizens of Ukraine. However, they did not receive significant injuries. A Ukrainian, at the age of about 30, died in an accident that occurred on Friday afternoon in the village of Ligota Mala near the town […]

A ship carrying nitrogen fertilizers runs aground off the coast of Bulgaria

Photo: Twitter Dry cargo ship VERA SU has been immobilized for four days There is no immediate threat to the Black Sea ecology yet. However, local residents fear that during a storm, the ship could crash on the rocks. On the northern coast of Bulgaria, near the village of Kamenny Bereg, a dry cargo ship […]

In Paris, the Arc de Triomphe was covered with a cloth

Photo: The Arc de Triomphe is wrapped in cloth The author of the project, which was approved in 2017, is the artist Christo. However, he will not be able to see his creation. One of the most famous symbols of the French capital of Paris – the Arc de Triomphe – was covered with […]