Chef’s disgust from Brzobohatý: Táňa strikes back!

Everything was on the right track. Tatana Kucharova (33) and her husband Ondřej Gregor Brzobohatý (38) issued a joint statement on social networks about the breakdown of their relationship. But then the model found out what Ondřej was telling the media. And as a bonus for Tána, photos of her husband and mistress Zuzana Pilná […]

Index – Tech – Five video games that terribly disappointed everyone

There’s a little worse feeling than when someone is in an uplifting mood waiting for a new game that the makers are also hypeing with full force. They promise heat and wood. It will be innovative, with freedom never seen before, our decisions will really carry weight, we have never seen anything like it before. […]

Disappointment and anger. The Slovaks took the favorite scalp behind the green table – Martial Arts / MMA – Sports

The decision of the International Boxing Association (AIBA) during the World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia, caused maximum disappointment and anger in the Slovak camp. SITA, TASR 28.10.2021 19:38, updated: 21:12 Photo: TASR, Michal Svítok Matúš Strnisko on the archive picture. Despite Wednesday’s triumph 2: 1 over the favored Mexican Romer, the representative of the Slovak […]

Premier Australia, deep reservations on French submarines – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – SYDNEY, 19 SEPTEMBER – The French government knew that Canberra had “deep and serious reserves” on French submarines, before the purchase agreement was terminated last week. The Australian Prime Minister, Scotto Morrison, said about the ‘submarine crisis’. “I think they would have had every reason to know that we had deep and serious […]

Pierre Gasly sneezes at Red Bull: “I am not rewarded for my results”

Jeen Grievink Saturday, September 11, 2021 19:14 – Last update: 19:20 Pierre Gasly can’t bear that Red Bull Racing Without a doubt, Sergio Pérez’s contract has been extended for 2022. The Frenchman was taken out of Red Bull’s seat in 2019 and returned to AlphaTauri, where he has been performing excellently ever since. Gasly had […]

Krefeld Ravens angry about game cancellation

September 4, 2021 at 11:57 am American Football : Krefeld Ravens angry about game cancellation On September 12, the Krefeld footballer (white) will miss the point game. Photo: Samla Fotoagentur / Krefeld The Mönchengladbach Wolfpack canceled the game scheduled for September 12 this week. There is no official reason. Those in charge hope that […]

What did Gott not forgive Dominic? A huge trip at the most difficult moment!

Karel Gott In the book My Journey for Happiness, he also recalls moments when doctors told him that he had lymphoma in his abdomen, and a series of chemotherapies began. “It’s remarkable how the disease is etched in a person’s face immediately after the first chemotherapies. Not after the first cycle, but after the second, […]

Externally: We are disappointed with the resolution of the parliament in Skopje

The building of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is disappointed with the Resolution of the Assembly of the Republic of Northern Macedonia adopted on 29 July 2021 and notes with regret that this act comes at a time when the bilateral dialogue between Sofia and Skopje, as a result of […]

Why are you soiling our family again, Prince William is angry with Harry

Thunder and lightning fly in the royal court. Another round of family disputes began last week when Prince Harry said in an open confession that no one had helped him after his mother’s death. He had to alleviate the pain with alcohol and drugs. He also went to his father, Prince Charles, who allegedly coughed […]