How is soil sampling done once the crop has emerged?

Rubén asks: Hello Gustavo. For logistical reasons, I could not take soil samples before sowing, so I made an estimated fertilization according to the potential of yield and fertility of the soils of the last 3 years. I wanted to know if now that the crop has emerged, I can do a soil sample for […]

Will a new variant of the Covid resistant to all vaccines arrive?

Italy’s most popular scientist, who has hit his predictions going against the current of the most optimistic, insisted this Saturday that “we are one step away from a new variant of coronavirus vaccine resistant”. Professor Andrea Crisanti, director of the Department of Microbiology at the University of Padua, launched the most serious alarm While Indian […]

Blood donation: An agreement signed between the CNTS and a private structure

The National Blood Transfusion Center (Cnts) and Innovative healthcare solution (Ihs) signed a partnership agreement on Thursday, July 22, 2021, at the Cnts conference room, in Treichville. This agreement aims, according to the Director General of Ihs, Dodié Diagaunet, a company specializing in the search for innovative solutions to resolve challenges in the health sector, […]

A guide to free and low-cost legal aid, assistance and services in Georgia

Contents What is credit? Suppose you are out of school and have a new job and your own place to live. You need many things: furniture, a better car, also household appliances. You will need credit to borrow money. Credit plays an important role in today’s economy. Big companies, like car manufacturers, borrow millions of […]

Sail. The Nantaise Lomane Valade, a gifted Optimist. Sport

At 14, the SNO Nantes licensee has just been titled, two weeks apart, world and French champion. An unprecedented performance. With the arrival of Lomane Valade, in October 2020, the oldest sailing club in Nantes, the Sport Nautique de l’Ouest, whose creation dates back to 1882, has enriched its gallery of champions. The young teenager, […]

The vaccine brand, passport to enter Europe or not: a new form of discrimination?

Green Digital Certificate o Green Pass. It is the “COVID passport” that has just entered into force in the European Union (EU) and allows fully vaccinated people, who have a negative virus test or have recently recovered from the disease, to move within the block. But pay attention to the first part of the requirements. […]

Woman gives birth to her husband’s baby months after he died – People – Culture

Sarah Shellenberger, a forty-year-old woman, gave birth recently to baby of her late husband 14 months after losing him. Scott Shellenberger, Sarah’s husband, 41, died of a heart attack in February 2020, but the widow was able to conceive her child through frozen embryos. (You can read: Tips for entrepreneurship in Spain, expenses and requirements) […]

Residential schools: over 160 new anonymous graves found in British Columbia

More than 160 undocumented and unmarked graves have been found near the former Indian residential school on Kuper Island, British Columbia, the Penelakut First Nation said. • Read also: Work begins on a home for Indigenous women in Montreal • Read also: Assembly of First Nations: RoseAnne Archibald elected National Chief • Read also: Residential […]