No UFO? No evidence found in the US

US military experts in the report on UFO incidents did not find evidence of their connection with aliens, but they do not claim the opposite. The UFO theme continues to bother not only ordinary people, but also the most powerful states in the world. Even American intelligence had to study the issues. US intelligence officials […]

the 5 most famous sightings

On March 6, 1826, the ‘Diario de Cádiz’ reported the sighting in Campo de Criptana (La Mancha) a resplendent “jar turned upside down that descended with a considerable blast of smoke.” From time immemorial there has been talk of phenomena in the skies of unknown origin, including biblical episodes such as the disturbing Ezequiel wheel, […]

Is the United States preparing a shocking report on UFOs?

Pentagon pilots have encountered many unidentified flying objects, much more than they have told the public. That’s according to John Ratcliffe, a former director of national intelligence in the Trump administration. Ratcliffe told Fox News that the upcoming Pentagon report on UFOs would contain more details about interactions with them than previously reported. “There are […]

Is This the Secret Hole in the North Pole, the Secret Place of Strange Creatures?

Jakarta – Theory ‘hollow earth‘or an empty Earth is believed by few people. They believe that there is life under the secret hole of the Earth which contains aliens. Well, touted this hole is in Arctic Pole. Some time ago, this conspiracy enthusiast showed a photo that is believed to be evidence. They claim that […]

Has an alien actually visited our planet ?! … A controversial physicist … Video

Every now and then controversy renews about aliens … Do they really exist or do not exist? But Avi Loeb, an astrophysicist at Harvard University, said recently that he found good evidence of space technology in the solar system, but that some other scientists do not take his ideas seriously. In his new book, Extraterrestrial: […]

No, the aliens did not land in New York, the police assure them

“We assure you, aliens have not landed in the Bronx”, a New York police inspector assured Twitter the night of Thursday, December 27. Why such a denial? Because the city that never sleeps was bathed in the night with an electric blue luminous halo, enough to stir up fears. “This is typically what you would […]

From very far away … a probe detects a “mysterious” signal

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" And it was "Juno" It orbits around Jupiter’s polar region, where lines connect the magnetic field With"Ganymede", When the signal is spotted. Experts have denied astronomy To be the source of this signal AliensThey attributed the phenomenon to the fact that the electrons generate the signals, and they emit the […]

But no aliens in New York City | Current world | DW

For minutes the night sky over the New York borough of Queens was brightly lit. A blue, circular light pulsed over the skyline. Then the spectacle was over as suddenly as it had started. Residents shared photos and videos of the strange play of light on social media. Speculation about the cause made the rounds. […]