Belarus has closed its border to passenger and passenger transport

“Due to the epidemiological situation in neighboring countries, Belarus is temporarily restricting the entry of certain categories of natural persons through land border crossings from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine,” said a statement from the Belarusian State Border Guard Committee quoted by yesterday. It is stated that these restrictions do not apply to staff […]

Putin allows the transfer of the Karabakh buffer zone to Azerbaijan

“We have based our position from the very beginning on the position that we need to talk, our position is absolutely open about the possibility of handing over five plus two districts to Azerbaijan, providing some regime zone to Karabakh, interaction with Armenia and so on,” Russia calls the investment forum! ” Putin said in […]

Azerbaijan has once again shot Stepanakert in an intense missile attack

“Azerbaijan fired on Stepanakert for several hours and hit dozens of rockets in the city,” the official told AFP. “Civilians were injured in the blow. It was the heaviest shooting in recent battles,” he added. Artillery damage in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict +12 See more Foreign Ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan Zohrab Mnacakyanyan and Jihun Bairamov […]