The widow of Andrei Myagkov, the star of the film Major Whirlwind, has died

Photo: Anastasia Voznesenskaya in the film Garage Anastasia Voznesenskaya is best known for her roles in the films Garage and Major Whirlwind, but she preferred the theater stage. Soviet and Russian actress Anastasia Voznesenskaya has died at the age of 78. About it January 14 reported Press Service of the Moscow Art Theater named […]

Regina Blandón explodes against a woman who attacked a couple of girls

Regina Blandón is known for being a great ally of the LGBTI+ community. She has been applauded for her great skill in using inclusive language and for accepting, including, and defending the rights of community members regardless of their sexual preferences or how they identify. The actress reacted to a video that went viral where […]

Dolanský’s mother turns every crown: A small pension because of ….

“I always thought I was born for it and I must say that I feel only half of me. I miss acting terribly. So I moved away from acting that I don’t have a dream role anymore, I’m always happy when I can play a small role, “ said Dolanská Jan Dolanský’s mother in […]

Maria Bakalova in winter Sozopol (Photos)

Unlike most of the times we are used to seeing the actress in dresses by Dior and Louis Vuitton, this time Bakalova opted for rocker clothes and a T-shirt of the legendary AC / DC. PHOTOS: Facebook / Maria Bakalova Native actress Maria Bakalova, who was a stone’s throw away from the Oscars last year, […]

Růžičková turns in her grave: What happened to the inheritance?

The star from the film series Sun, Hay, or Homolka, for example, has no room. Deceased actress Helena Růžičková (67) Many of her last wishes were not fulfilled. She planned to marry her good friend Václav Glazar († 65) so that her million-dollar inheritance would not fall to her daughter-in-law and her daughters, Helena’s granddaughters. […]

Nadezhda Meikher stunned with spicy pictures

Photo: Nadia Meyher The singer told how to love yourself, presenting herself to the fans in a seductive manner. Ukrainian singer Nadezhda Meikher surprised fans with candid photos that she posted on Instagram. The star showed herself naked. She covered her body with her hands and took a blurry photo effect. Nadia put her […]

Ukrainian actress mesmerized with “fantastic” photos

Photo: Anna Košmal The actress from the TV series Matchmakers stunned her fans with bold shots from a new photo shoot. Ukrainian actress, star of Matchmakers Anna Koshmal excited the imagination of fans with candid photos that she posted on Instagram. The artist appeared in a short black dress. The outfit was with a […]