Three weapons that changed the course of Ukraine’s war with Russia – CNN (photo)

Now Ukraine receives a wide variety of weapons from the West, but experts believe that Javelin, HIMARS and Bayraktar were exactly the weapons that helped inflict crushing blows on the occupiers. When Russian President Vladimir Putin moved his troops into Ukraine a year ago, most observers expected a quick victory for the occupiers. These early […]

“You’re being lied to. Russia doesn’t kill innocents.” Ukrainian football player published correspondence with relatives from Russia

Defender Aleksey Dityatyev, who returned from Poland to Ukraine, signed a contract with FC Lviv and made public part of his correspondence with relatives from Russia. As can be seen from the correspondence, Dityatiev communicates with his grandmother’s sister. And he reads a whole range of propaganda cliches, starting with “one people” and ending with […]

Out of 350 US howitzers delivered to Ukraine, a third are out of action – NYT

According to journalists, the state of Ukrainian weapons is under strict control by the US military. In this case, the tool itself fails due to overuse. Western-made artillery pieces, such as the M777 howitzers sent from the Pentagon, have become a lifeline for Ukrainian soldiers. However, out of 350 howitzers donated to Kiev, about a […]

In the Kiev region of the Russian Federation it hit a power plant seven times

The Russian invaders launched seven missile attacks on the same power plant in the Kiev region The Russian invaders launched seven missile attacks on the same power plant in the Kiev region. It became known from the comment made by the adviser to the Minister of Energy of Ukraine Lana Zerkal broadcast on the national […]

details appeared on the promotion of the Ukrainian armed forces – UNIAN

The occupiers are trying to act from a distance, bombing the southern territories. Almost 1200 m2 have already been vacated towards Kherson. km of territory / photo REUTERS To date from the beginning of active operations APU more than 1170 square meters. km towards Cherson. This was announced by the head of the joint coordination […]

ISW assessed the consequences of the explosion on the Crimean bridge

Photo: social network Traffic on the Crimean bridge has partially resumed After the explosion on the bridge, Russian nationalists began to criticize Putin, the Kremlin is trying to put the blame on the military, analysts say. The Kremlin is trying to shift the blame for the explosion on the Crimean bridge to the Russian Defense […]

The explosion on the Crimean bridge was shown by satellites

Partially reopened bridge The blast damaged approximately 1.3 kilometers of carriageway on the bridge, as well as the railway. Satellite images of the explosion on the Kerch bridge the day before appeared on the net in the early hours of the morning. Hence, the images were published by PlanetScope in Twitter. Maxar also posted photos […]

Unemployed territory is dangerous – Zelensky

Photo: Office of the President The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky He asked all Ukrainians in the territory where the occupants should pay special attention to safety regulations. Mines represent a great danger in unemployed territories. And this threat should be treated with full responsibility. This was announced on Saturday 8 October by the President […]

Fedorov told what difficulties await the enemy in the south of Ukraine – UNIAN

In recent months, most of the food has been delivered from Russia via Crimea, now this delivery will become much more complicated, Fedorov noted. Due to the weakening of the bridge, the occupants expect a shortage of food / photos from the public kerch_most_ru For damage to the Crimean bridge, Russian occupiers in the Kherson […]

The European swimming champion died in battles near Kherson

Photo: Zelenskiy / Officer Dmitry Zakarchuk, the winner of the continental championship, medal of the world swimming championship, is gone The defender of Ukraine became the European champion and won medals at the world championships in competitions. Dmitry Zakarchuk, the winner of the continental championship, medal of the finswimming world championship and master of sports […]