Polda Metro Jaya Police Response Requested Facilitation Payment by Investigators

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Polda Metro Jaya (PMJ) opened his voice regarding the confession of Bripka Madih, who admitted that he had been asked for facilitation payments when reporting a case of expropriation land. Madih’s confession went viral on social media. In his confession, he said that Rp. 100 million was requested so that the […]

American police officers electrocuted a guard dog to death • Al Marsad Newspaper

Exclusive translation: A circulating video clip documented the American police shocking a “Husky” dog, after it attacked a family in California. And the video showed a policeman applying a stun device to the dog, while another policeman dragged him to the ground, and he writhed in pain to death, according to the Daily Mail. The […]

They found the body of the former teacher Grandpa Ioto, announced …

The missing grandfather Ioto from the Plovdiv village of Krasnovo, who was declared wanted, was found dead. This was reported by local sources for “Maritsa”. His lifeless body was found in a ravine near the village. The main version is that the old man fell. The body of the former teacher will be taken to […]

Police brutality; Fury in the US World | Deshabhimani

Washington> After the release of a video of a black man being brutally beaten by the police, widespread protests in the United States. Twenty-nine-year-old Tyree Nichols was killed by the police in Memphis, Tennessee. Nichols, who was beaten and shot on January 7, died on January 10. The video of the beating by the police […]

An armed woman barricaded herself in a hair salon, 8 hours before…

A 46-year-old woman stood up to the police in Veliko Tarnovo at noon. She entered a neighborhood hair salon, kicked the owner out and locked herself. The woman was armed with a combat pistol, which worried the law enforcement agencies and locals, reports NOVA. After 8 hours of negotiations with psychologists, the barricaded woman was […]

A father was swept away by a BMW on “Iztochen” Blvd., who was collecting …

A BMW driver hit a man near the footpath on Iztochen Blvd., next to the sports halls. This was reported to “Maritsa” by eyewitnesses. The victim took his child from training, after which the two started to go home. However, then the father was taken away by the German vehicle. According to eyewitnesses, the man […]

Searching with dogs, drone and boats for missing 23-year-old

The police in Agder are asking for tips in connection with a 23-year-old man who has been reported missing in Arendal. A large search operation is underway where he was last seen. It continues with great strength throughout the evening. – Crews from the Red Cross and Norwegian rescue dogs are in place at the […]

Police Officially Detain Roy Suryo in Stupa Meme Case Similar to Jokowi

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Former Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora) Roy Suryo He was immediately detained after being questioned as a blasphemy suspect related to the upload of a Borobudur Temple stupa meme that was edited to resemble President Joko Widodo (Jokowi). “After conducting an examination this afternoon, the investigators decided that starting tonight […]