Slavi lost 400,000 votes, DB – 180,000, Vazrazhdane added 45,000 (Chart)

Huge shifts of electoral tables took place in the 4 months from July 11 to November 14. He is the big winner We continue the change, took on Sunday votes comparable to those with which ITN won 4 months ago – 667,000 votes (recalculated according to CEC data with 99.51% PEC protocols processed in DECs), […]

Petkov makes MPs 67 with real business, 1/2 studied abroad and extreme in sports

l Who’s who in “Continuing Change” l Economists, entrepreneurs and IT are most new politicians l Only six with experience in the executive branch A powerful group of economists, entrepreneurs, IT professionals and fans of extreme sports enters parliament with “We continue the change”. This shows a quick glance at the 67 deputies from the […]

“Financial Times”: The Bulgarians gave an unexpected impetus to a new centrist force

The leaders of “We continue the change” Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev embrace late Sunday night, confident that they are the first in the elections. PHOTO: NIKOLAI LITOV “A new centrist party is making a breakthrough in the elections.” With this headline, the British newspaper “Financial Times” published today a report dedicated to the elections […]

Maria Ignatova makes a podcast with Alex Raeva and Nencho Balabanov

Maria Ignatova was under the Rabbit costume in the new season of “The Masked Singer”. She dropped out of it two weeks ago. Photo: Facebook The Masked Singer Maria Ignatova starts a new project – she will make a podcast together with Alex Raeva and Nencho Balabanov. This was explained by the presenter to Lora […]

Radina Kardzhilova voted with the baby, Deyan Donkov crashed the machine

The beloved actress Radina Kardzhilova voted today together with her baby, she admitted to bTV. She went to the polling station with eight-month-old John, but is worried about the low turnout so far. Deyan Donkov, the other half, admitted that he had “failed and slightly blown up” in front of the machine and admitted that […]

Cyclone Boyko carries 24% soil moisture at 6 pm, anticyclone Max and Moritz – 21%

How soil moisture changes as a result of various atmospheric fronts that affect our country. About 6 p.m. Cyclone Boyko increases soil moisture to 23.98%Humidity as a result of anticyclone “Max and Moritz” reaches 21%. Storm “Cornelia” brings soil moisture of 14.2%. For the atmospheric front “Mustafa”, typhoon “Slavi” and anticyclone “Hristo” the percentages are […]

The greatest demand for pilots – 48.5% and professors – 28% at 12.30

How the labor market is moving today – the numbers show what professions will be sought in the new 5 years. The most sought after on the labor exchanges at 12.30 are pilots – 48.5%, then professors – 28%. According to labor market data demand party leaders is 10%, and on judges – 5%.The profession […]