Nicolás Kreplak: “Argentina is one of the countries that applied the most vaccines” | The Buenos Aires minister pointed out that the immunization campaign already shows “unobjectionable results”

The Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Nicolás Kreplak, affirmed this Monday that “Argentina is one of the countries that applied the most vaccines in relation to the population” and highlighted, in that sense, that “the vaccination campaign is a success” as it “shows undeniable results.” Thanks to the immunization achieved, “we add another week of […]

The dark reds Vidin and Sliven closed students, Montana banned weddings

Schools and mass events are the first to be affected by the tightening of measures on the ground. PHOTO: 24 HOURS The incidence in Sofia is over 500 There were 50,000 active cases in the country The anti-epidemic restrictions are introduced by the areas that have entered the dark red zone with more than 500 […]

The campaign against vaccines and labeling, an attack on public health | Opinion

Amidst the attacks on the vaccination campaign of the youngest The political opposition denied the quorum in the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation where the project of Law for the Promotion of Healthy Eating (Front Labeling), while the media concealed the launch of the Best Neighborhood program, by the Ministry of Social Development of […]

Brussels is furious with Poland, it is going to take it out of the EU

MATEUŠ MORAVECKI Poland could be expelled from the EU after the Constitutional Court in Warsaw announced that the country would not recognize the rule of law of the bloc, Reuters reported. The decision infuriated Brussels, which reacted sharply against the Polish authorities and even talked about Polexit (flirting with letters on behalf of Poland and […]

The Argentine Society of Pediatrics recommended “without a doubt” the Sinopharm vaccine in children between 3 and 11 years of age | End point for opposition speculations

The president of the Argentine Society of Pediatrics (SAP), Omar Tabacco, endorsed this Tuesday the inoculation against the coronavirus for children between 3 and 11 years old with the Sinopharm vaccine, which he “recommended” after having had access to the scientific evidence available to the Ministry of Health. “We want the boys to be vaccinated […]

Coronavirus: Half of the Argentine population has already completed the vaccination scheme | More than 23 million people with two doses

Half of the Argentine population completed vaccination schedules against Covid-19, representing a total of 23,067,539 people who reached coverage with the two doses provided for in the Strategic Vaccination Plan, reported the Ministry of Health. “We continue working to reach every Argentine and Argentine,” the Ministry of Health published this Tuesday on its official Twitter […]