Not only Ukraine. What conflicts to expect in 2022

Military conflicts in 2022 Syria, North Korea, Taiwan – around which countries may the most acute confrontations erupt in 2022. In 2022, everyone predicts a lot of conflicts and confrontations. Ukraine is also among the main centers. Where else to expect instability, the British edition of the Times sorted out. Ukraine and Taiwan It seems […]

Yalta 2.0. What can the US and Russia agree on?

Putin and Biden will meet again soon As early as January, talks between Moscow and Washington will begin in Geneva on Moscow’s demands to abandon NATO’s further eastward expansion. Moscow demands from the West guarantees not to include Ukraine in NATO. The Americans answer that they are ready for negotiations, but they are not going […]

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reacted to the decision of the Russian court recognizing the presence of Russian troops in Donbass

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine said that Moscow, in fact, by its own court decision, recognized the presence of Russian troops in Donbass, which “would strengthen Ukraine’s position in international courts,” reports Radio Liberty. “The Kirovsky District Court of Rostov-on-Don has signed a confession to Russia. The recognition in the decision of the […]

The contract is not spelled out. Are the Russians afraid of wars

What do they think about the war with Ukraine in Russia The call to the trenches is not included in the social contract, and even in the conditions of accelerating inflation and stagnation of all macroeconomic indicators. Ukraine has been intimidated for a month with a new attack by Russia. And what is the attitude […]

Today there is risk, but no full-scale threat of Russian invasion / GORDON

Rakhmanin noted that he has access to Ukrainian intelligence data and information that Ukraine receives from intelligence agencies of other countries for exchange. “I want to make some accents. The first is about markers. It’s good that [yачальник объединенного штаба вооруженных сил Грузии в 2009–2012 годах генерал-лейтенанn] Devi [Чанкотадзе] remembered about markers – there is […]