China is getting hotter, Xi Jinping sends nuclear jets to Taiwan

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – China has again deployed its fighter fleet to fly into Taiwan’s airspace. Unmitigated, this time Beijing even commissioned a nuclear plane on the flight. Quotes Reuters, Taipei said that on this flight there were 18 fighter jets plus five nuclear-capable H-6 bombers. In addition, there is also a Y-20 aerial refueling […]

US presidential adviser spoke with Yermak about Russian troops on the border with Ukraine

The release says that the interlocutors talked about the latest events, shared concerns about the ongoing military activity of Russia near the border of Ukraine and its aggressive rhetoric towards Ukraine. “They agreed that all parties should make diplomatic efforts to de-escalate tensions. Mr. Sullivan stressed the United States’ unwavering commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty and […]

China Patrols Combat Readiness as 5 US House Members Visit Taiwan

China’s H-6 bombers, capable of carrying nuclear bombs, are part of 8 Chinese warplanes on combat readiness patrols. Photo/REUTERS TAIPEI – Military China carried out a combat readiness patrol towards the Taiwan Strait on Friday (11/26/2021) five members of the United States (US) House of Representatives (DPR) made an unannounced visit to Taipei, Taiwan . […]

Lukashenko: The US wants to start a war with Polish, Baltic and Ukrainian hands

The United States wants to start a war with Polish, Baltic and Ukrainian hands as an excuse for the migration crisis, Belarus’s authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko said on Thursday, November 25th. “They are trying to use these unfortunate refugees, this process. Their goal is already becoming more visible. They are already speaking openly – NATO […]

The situation is tense, but we see no signs of an offensive / GORDON

Shmygal was asked to comment on the opinion of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Lithuania that the situation on the border between Belarus and Poland could be a cover for the Russian Federation’s attack on Ukraine. “The situation on the Belarusian-Lithuanian and Belarusian-Polish borders is more tense than ever. The migration crisis […]

Russia will not attack Ukraine – Foreign Policy

Why a new war is not beneficial for Russia The Ukrainian army is currently experienced, modernized and highly motivated, it would not be an easy opponent. In the past few weeks, there has been an increase in the Western press about Russian military moves against Ukraine. But is Russia really going to attack Ukraine? In […]

Armenia and Azerbaijan stopped fighting

Armenia and Azerbaijan stopped fighting – Russian Defense Ministry Shoigu spoke with the heads of the Defense Ministries of Armenia and Azerbaijan, after which the escalation of the conflict stopped, according to the Russian Federation. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu spoke on the phone with his colleagues from Armenia and Azerbaijan, after which the escalation […]