The death of 4 Iranians with the Corona virus and the rise of the infected to 18 cases

Ali Reza Wahhabzadeh, the Iranian Assistant Minister of Health, announced today, Friday, the death of 4 citizens affected by the new Corona virus “Covid 19”, and the number of HIV infections nationwide has risen to 18 infected. Wahab said through his Twitter account: “So far, 18 cases of Coronavirus have been recorded across Iran, 4 […]

US Senate approved the limitation of Trump’s powers over Iran :: Politics :: RBC

The resolution, which prohibits the US President from conducting military operations against Iran without the approval of Congress, was supported not only by Democrats, but also part of the Republicans. Trump promised to veto this decision Donald trump (Photo: Evan Vucci / AP) US Senate approved resolution, which limits the power of President Donald Trump […]

Iran recognizes two missiles entering Ukrainian Boeing :: Politics :: RBC

The missiles “Tor-M1” missiles literally tore the liner into pieces Photo: Ebrahim Noroozi / AP Ukrainian Boeing, which crashed on January 8 near the airport of Tehran, was shot down by two missiles at once. According to the agency Bloomberg, the Iranian Civil Aviation Authority came to this conclusion, which finds out the causes of […]

Chancellery summit: who wants what in Libya? – WORLD

Chancellery summit: who wants what in Libya? WORLD Libya: Haftar, Erdogan, … Who are the actors in the civil war? IMAGE Foreign Minister Heiko Maas: General Haftar comes to the Libya conference in Berlin! IMAGE Libya conference in Berlin: hope for some exercise Libya expert: “Haftar is playing a zero-sum game” Berliner Zeitung More […]

Federal government confirms auto-extortion against EU

In the dispute over the nuclear deal with Iran, the US has put the EU under severe pressure with a threat. This has now been confirmed by the federal government – with further details. All information in the news blog. Photo series with 18 pictures The United States killed top Iranian general Ghassem Soleimani in […]

USA: TV debate – Warren denies Sanders the handshake

BIn the last television debate among US Democratic presidential applicants before the primaries began, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren exchanged blows about a woman’s chances of winning. Sanders vigorously denied Warren’s allegation that he told her at a private meeting in late 2018 that a woman could not win the election against incumbent Donald Trump […]