Index – Soccer – Soccer

We already reported on the Index that at the end of the year it was raised in connection with the former football player of Barcelona, ​​Juventus, PSG and Sevilla that behaved inappropriately in a nightclub. According to local reports, the Catalan police will arrest the footballer on Friday as part of the investigation. The Pumas […]

Robbers tried for kidnapping and burglary of a numismatist

Par Le Figaro Posted 7 hours ago, Update 7 hours ago The investigative work then made it possible to identify four suspects, from Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis). Adobe Stock – Illustration In their defence, the defendants explained to the Saint-Brieuc court that they were transporting cannabis, which had to be paid for in … old currency. Yesterday […]

POL-OH: Your police warns: scams via messenger services

18.01.2023 – 09:20 East Hesse Police Headquarters East Hesse (ots) East Hesse. Currently, scammers are again using messenger services to pretend to be close relatives to East Hessian citizens – with the aim of robbing them of their savings. “Mom? Is that you?” With these or similar formulations, the perpetrators report to the scam on […]

Actor Roberto Álvarez says goodbye to ‘Serve and Protect’

1,372 episodes, seven seasons… The actor Roberto Álvarez and Antonio Torres, his character in ‘Servir y proteger’, say goodbye to viewers almost six years after the first day of broadcast, back in April 2017. Dr. Torres is together with Claudia Miralles (Luisa Martín), Espe Beltrán (Mamen Camacho) and María (Pepa Aniorte) one of the four […]

NYPD Police Officer Shot in the Arm – NBC New York (47)

NEW YORK — An NYPD police officer was shot in the arm Tuesday morning after encountering two people dressed all in black in the Bronx, according to senior law enforcement officials. The incident occurred in Prospect Avenue y East 183 Street shortly after 3 a.m. According to senior law enforcement officials, police detained two individuals […]

Raid for child pornography: Police search 20 apartments in Berlin

Raid for child pornography Police search 20 apartments in Berlin 01/17/2023 09:21 am Early in the morning, the LKA searched several apartments in Berlin with dozens of emergency services. The suspicion: child pornography. It is currently unclear how many suspects are being investigated. The State Criminal Police Office has been searching several apartments in Berlin […]

POL-OG: Ortenaukreis – Another warning about “Sextortion”

17.01.2023 – 08:25 Police headquarters in Offenburg Offenburg (ots) A young person from the northern district of Ortenau was the victim of so-called “sextortion” on Saturday evening. The victim was asked several times by an unknown person to transfer money. If he does not follow the instructions, intimate pictures of the victim would be published, […]

Thirty arrests after occupation of university building in Amsterdam

VLN News NOS News•yesterday, 21:27•Amended yesterday, 23:42 The police arrested thirty people during the evacuation of a university building in the center of Amsterdam. That’s what the police write down Twitter. Dozens of students entered the Binnengasthuis of the University of Amsterdam this afternoon. They then occupied the building and demanded that the institution stop […]

POL-PDLU: Fraud via WhatsApp | press portal

15.01.2023 – 11:59 Police Headquarters Ludwigshafen Speyer (ots) Already on 12.01. there was a fraud in Speyer. The perpetrator used a messenger for this purpose, stated that he was the son of the victim and had a new phone number. He also feigned an emergency, whereupon the injured party transferred around 2,000 euros. The police […]